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It has been transformed into a symbol of strength, faith and hope for residents of rural communities in the Via Corta area. Municipality of Tampico Alto, The cross on the top of the hill preserves the zeal of believers.

about him Hammer Hillin the Estación Quebrache community, where the need to strengthen faith in God, place their hopes in the Creator and ask for protection, motivated families to create a space where everyone could come to express their enthusiasm, but also be observed from a distance, was when this site of devotion was created.

Security need

The idea of ​​the huge cross came from the residents of the community Kyprash stationFrom 2010 to 2012, when the need for security overwhelmed the general population, said Karen Gonzalez Roman, tourism director for the municipal government of Tampico Alto.

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It was then that they designed this space, which they considered an important cross, and in a short time they were able to turn this place of enthusiasm into a reality, and decided to locate it on the top of one of the hills of the community.

The foundation is with the waters of the Jordan River and the Land of Israel

Everyone with one goal and a fixed goal, set to work, with the contribution of resources and labor, to create this place in the uptown. Hammer Hill.

They built The huge concrete cross, 12 meters long, Which they later raised to install in the ground previously dug to be stabilized with concrete and stone.

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At the base where this cross was placed, parishioners were placed Holy water from the Jordan River and dust from the Holy Land, Bring from IsraelThus dedicating this religious symbol to the devotion of all believers.

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A hermitage to the Virgin of Guadalupe and a stone altar without bark

As part of the consecration of this space, the residents themselves decided to build a hermitage dedicated to virgin Of Guadalupe, Which they built with pure stone from the same place and whose rich decoration they retain with a small stepped platform also made of stone.

In the same place, near the cross, the parishioners built a stone altar, for which they had to get the help of a tractor due to their dimensions and weight, achieving flawless work from solid stone.

Just like the massacres it Biblical patriarchs They were built of unhewn stones on which no one used an iron tool, and the parish priest presided over the masses held there.

In addition to building a small room that carries out treasury work, as well as building health services for visitors.

The local festival is celebrated every May 3. Santa Cruz DayFor believers, it means hope, but for construction workers, it is an important holiday in which they place crosses on top of the buildings they build, as well as masses and gatherings.

At that time the cross was properly lit, so that it could be seen at night from a distance and even the workers who got up early in the morning to go to their milking could admire it, as they entrusted their day to it. God For your protection and blessing.

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However, unscrupulous hands stole the wires that supply the electricity HilltopAnd leave this place in the dark.

Reach the huge cross

The access road to the massive cross is located in the community Kyprash stationfrom where you take the dirt road and reach Cerro del Martello for about a kilometer and a half.

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At the entrance there is a picture of virgin Of Guadalupe, In addition to a green wooden door, you enter through it onto a dirt road with a noticeable slope to reach the top of the hill.

To a few 25 metres Before arriving, the construction of a rustic stone staircase begins, so residents ask for municipal government support to build a staircase and place railings on both sides.

Viewed from a distance

Cerro del Martello’s massive cross can be seen from a distance, so residents of remote communities like LOs Gobos, Pereira, Ejido Quebraz, Emiliano Zapata, La Guasima Others confirmed it.

Moreover, this place gives those present a feeling of calm, tranquility and tranquility, which is in harmony with the environment of the vegetation that surrounds it and is considered an excellent vantage point due to the panoramic view it offers, where on clear days one can see… Cerro del Bernal, in Tamaulipas and the San Luis Potosi Mountains.

That’s why the huge cross at the top of Hammer Hill For believers, it has become a symbol of strength, faith and hope for residents of rural communities in the municipality of Tampico Alto.

The huge cross became a symbol Strength, faith and hope For the population.

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