Andrea Legaretta leaves the stage with a heartbreaking message, “Thank you for everything you’ve given me.”

On Sunday night, December 10, the talented host “Today’s Show”, Andrea Legaretta After sharing several news of ending her career as a theater actress, she became a topic of conversation in the entertainment world.

in 2023, just months after she announced her split Eric Rubin, confirmed that the 52-year-old host will return to the stage to star in the hit drama “Gasline.” His illustrious run came to an end this weekend.

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Andrea Legaretta says goodbye to the stage

yesterday afternoon, Andrea Legaretta She has been very active on social networks and shared many stories, announcing that this is her last performance in one of the most successful dramas of recent years, “Keselina”.

The host has uploaded many stories. Photo: Instagram/@andrealegarreta

“See you soon my dear French. Thank you for everything you have given me. You have saved me and you have been my love therapy,” he wrote in the first message.

In another post, Andrea Legaretta, perhaps Televisa’s most famous host, showed us the dressing room she occupied during her time in the play. The voice actress said that there were many emotions during this time, but unfortunately her condition has come to an end.

The driver moved everyone. Photo: Instagram/@andrealegarreta

In one of his recent publications, Andrea Legaretta When she finally turned off the light she moved very much into the dressing room. The popular presenter admitted that it was “see you soon” because he did not know if “Vaselina” would return to the stage next year.

“See you soon,” his last message read.

Netizens congratulated him. Photo: Instagram/@andrealegarreta

Where is Andrea Legaretta from?

At the age of 52, Andrea Legaretta Thanks to his work as the owner of the “Hoy Project”, he has established himself as one of the top personalities in entertainment. Currently, he continues to act in Televisa’s morning show.

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