Cruise Azul: Rhinoso, with mixed feelings about calls

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Juan Rhinoso, Technician Blue Cross, Revealed that the company exists Mixed feelings In front Many calls from their players For various exams included Close FIFA In which World Cup qualifying rounds will be played Conmepol and Concacoff.

The engine is total Nine call: Romulo Otero With Venezuela, Yoshimir Yodan With Peru, Brian Anglo With Ecuador, Jonathan Rodriguez They will do the same with Uruguay and Mexico Louis Romo, Orbelin Pineta, Roberto Alvarado and Julio Caesar Dominguez; In addition Santiago Kimenes With U21.

“It is satisfying to collaborate on something to restore names that were not selected as Brian, Kata or the same Shanti that is approaching, but if we join the club This is a headache Because we are not going to have players on the weekend before the Confederations Cup, ”the coach said at a virtual press conference.

And the coach pointed that out to the game Friday, September 10 against FC Juárez They South Americans will have a few hours of rest because they will all play on Thursday 9th because they will play that day Ecuador against Uruguay, Brazil vs Peru And Paraguay vs Venezuela

Emergency call

Santiago Kimenes Will report tonight at High performance center with U21, But that’s it Project B Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino, Well, if you can not travel to join the Royal Gymnasium Mexico mayor elected, Young astronomy will happen to change that.

“He’s qualified enough, but the decider is Tata. God willing he can be great in the short, medium term,” he commented.

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