Venezuelan opposition parties have condemned the Maduro regime for blocking an inter-parliamentary meeting with political prisoners.

In the picture, Venezuelan opposition leader Telsa Solarzano. EFE / Miguel GutiƩrrez / Archive

Former Venezuelan opposition deputy Telsa Solarzano this Sunday condemned the authorities for obstructing the work of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).Who was in Venezuela from August 23 to 28, Visit two so-called political prisoners, Former legislators Juan request And Gilberto Sojo.

The UIP, led by the president (Duarte Pacheco) who was in Venezuela until yesterday, was prevented from meeting with mission representatives Juan Reignes and Gilberto Sojo. In the case of the Requests, they were denied entry to the house where he was staying because he was in prison.Solarzano wrote on his Twitter account.

In this regard, he promised that “dictatorship” was trying to sell the natural appearance of the audience, but They did nothing but show his “authoritarian attitude.” Solarzano said.

“They set up a full-fledged political harassment service to monitor union representatives between parliament.”The former MP said he did not mention any officials or security agencies, in particular, who blocked access to the visit or did so in any way.

Last week, the Venezuelan opposition Julio Borges Promised the arrival of the Inter-Parliamentary Union to Venezuela Opportunity to “assess serious human rights situation” Citizens and former representatives of the National Assembly (AN, Parliament).

Cases such as those of former opposition MP Juan Requense, whose parliamentary immunity and due process are not respected, are under house arrest today. They must be evaluated by the Commission.

Julio Borges, Juan Quito's Representative of the Opposition for Foreign Relations.  EFE / Laura Fernandez Palomo / Archive
Julio Borges, Juan Quito’s Representative of the Opposition for Foreign Relations. EFE / Laura Fernandez Palomo / Archive

“The Maduro regime has condemned the implementation of the parliamentary ceremony; there are several representatives of the National Assembly who have left the country due to persecution.”, Promised the opponent.

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Members of the Pacheco-led IPU arrived in the country on August 23 and held meetings with officials from the legislature, including its vice president. George Rodriguez And its first vice president, Iris Varela.

Opponent Juan Quito, Who met the delegation, said The IPU “resolves controversy” over what is legal in the two national assemblies (parliament), the official and the opposition. Therefore, he will represent Venezuela at the next meeting of the organization.

“Since the parliament was dissolved in 2020, they are resolving the current controversy because there are no formal elections and (…) is part of the role of this commission; I will not advance my position on inter-parliamentary trade unionism,” Guide added.

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