Criticisms of Keeler Nawaz may have weighed heavily

I don’t know if anyone can avoid hearing it all or stop reading the hundreds of words left on the streets. Before coming Donorumma Al Paris Saint-Germain, Keeler Nawaz He began to punish that his time was up because the new star came to replace him, and after that he did not change, not because the same Italian goalkeeper came out to ease the problem.

Such figures Sladen Ibrahimovic gets into trouble and they trust their national footballer from Costa RicaBut they know he’s a man too, and that moment is coming – if he has already done so – Keeler is offended by every word.

We all know Keeler and all he has to endure against the things he has to fight for in EuropeHowever, he has a strong shell, but no matter how strong you are, no matter how much criticism and contempt you create, it will always penetrate the mind of a player, ”said Roger Mora, his former goalkeeper coach at Sabrisa. An interview with Anthony Boras.

“I do not know if this will create any kind of enrichment, and I say enrichment because they are not technical errors, they are not product errors, or decision errors, but the mental part can be affected a little bit. All situations that occur. I think there may be a problem,” Mora said. He added. “Of course, we all know that every professional player has their performance curves, which is not a low performance curve, but, Knowing Keeler, he is going to get up and go through all these situations around him”.

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The words followed Costa Rican was eliminated in League 1, and after his return, a mistake he made in the match against Lens led his team to victory.. At the moment, Pochettino maintains his position of not choosing Donorumma or Keeler as the undisputed starter, but it remains to be seen whether the next few weeks will be similar.

There is nothing more glorious than seeing the mansion on such a large scale

During the same speech, I can not leave a question knowing how big representation your country has in the most important teams in the world. Mora describes seeing Keeler so high: “Every time you see him on the small screen, every time you focus on him, his face becomes a deco, and we’re so proud to have contributed even a little bit to his process. During training, we Costa Ricans are so proud that he represents us as he did.

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