Lionel Messi has already surpassed Romario to become the fourth historic scorer

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With the double he scored in Mestalla, Lionel Messi Surpassed Romario In the list of the best scorers in history and He finished fourth with 741 goals between clubs and the national team. The Argentine striker scored two goals in a 3-2 win over Barcelona Valencia.

Lionel Messi He has 670 goals with him Barcelona And 71 with selection Argentina And has been part of the elite of scores throughout football history. Corresponds to the first place on the list Cristiano Ronaldo It adds 775, With Beacon 762.

After the appearance of both players Edson Arantus Peale With 762 goals, then there is La Play With his 741 and Brazilian Romario Remaining on 740 goals.

Many years before his life, Messi can catch Beacon and Pele and even give CR7 a fight Although he has not been very lucky to score in recent weeks he is still active Juventus.

Messi vs Cristiano

At this rate, in a year we could only see between races Cristiano Ronaldo Y Lionel Messi For the dominance of seeing who gets the highest score. Although CR7 has already shown that he can score in the league he plays.

The former forward Real Madrid He has scored 775 goals throughout his playing career: 5 with Sporting Lisbon, 118 with Manchester United and 450 with Merengus. In addition, he has already amassed 99 with Juventus and 103 with the Portuguese national team.

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