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The departure of Ricardo Gareca has upset the majority of Peruvians. No further mention , was ‘Tiger’s favorite player during these seven years, and one who showed him a lot of affection, for sure. Their embraces – father and son – are immortal. But ‘Aladdin’ doesn’t want to let him go. And, indeed, for hours the rumor grows that our ’10’ is ready to stop playing. If the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) does nothing to retain the Argentine coach.

According to the ‘Pitaso Final’ program from Radio Oasis, Christian cave I would appreciate giving up Peruvian National Team If ‘Tiger’ doesn’t continue to lead the team. ‘Aladdin’ would have sent a message to Augustine LozanoPresident of FPF, so if things stay the way they are they won’t trust him in the national team

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also, Cave He won’t just consider resigning. Other players selection They will also consider it. Undoubtedly, the situation has become very tense and in the next few hours, or days, anything can happen.

The truth is, if ’10”s resignation goes into effect, he won’t be the first player to decide not to play for the national team. There is already a history of Peruvian footballers not wearing or continuing to wear the “Blanquirroja” for various reasons. The case is even at the female level A former technician of the branch, Toriva Bueno, who decided not to continue attending the examination calls for all the scandals created.

Julio Caesar Uribe

In an ill-fated qualifier for Italy 90′, Julio Caesar Uribe He was one of the stars of the team, but he could not play a single game. The ‘Diamond’ didn’t arrive in time for his debut against Bolivia from Colombia (2-1 defeat in La Paz) and a month later he was in Lima to receive Uruguay, much to everyone’s dismay as we lost 2. 0 at home and at the same time we missed out on qualifying for the World Cup.

“Peruvian people are always cold. He doesn’t know how to reciprocate your effort on the court. He will never forgive. There are abundances. You can spend minutes, but you have to be patient.declared Julio Caesar UribeAccording to the book ‘Against All, Against All’ about that encounter.

That defeat against Uruguay marked the last official match between ‘Diamond’ and The selection. The midfielder decided not to play with the ‘Blanqueroja’ due to economic incentives, he disagreed favorably with the FPF.

(GEC History Archive)
(GEC History Archive)

George Olechia

The same thing happened George Olechia. ‘Mango’ decided not to board the flight to Uruguay for the last match of the Italy 90 qualifiers.

After that resignation, Olechia received severe punishment for playing ‘Baycolor’. The FPF took his case to the IPD’s Sports Court and was banned from playing for his club (Sporting Crystal) for six months and unable to represent for five years. Peruvian National Team.

Jorge Olecchia (Photo: Historical Archives of El Comercio)
Jorge Olecchia (Photo: Historical Archives of El Comercio) / Trade

Andres ‘Balon’ Gonzalez

In the 1991 Copa America in Chile, Andres Gonzales Miguel was unhappy with the company’s technical decision, which relegated him to the substitutes’ bench in the first game of the tournament. ‘Balan’ resigned to play the next game. Peruvian National Team, accusing him of being mentally ill. However, Didi separated him from the national team and a few months later, he was banned from playing with the “Blanqueroja” until the end of 1993.

“I was a starter, but in the debut against Paraguay, the company didn’t put me in the team, I felt bad and when they asked me if I was good for the next match, I said no. They sent me back to Lima.Said the same in an interview with El Bocón Andres Gonzales, he quickly apologized for his indiscipline, and was only able to get it through a pardon from the country’s then-president, Alberto Fujimori. Thanks to this, he was able to wear the national colors again.

/ Nilton Tello

Sun’s ‘chemo’

It was 1995, then JOSE WILLIAM DEL SOLAR He was already one of the biggest references Peruvian National Team. However, results were not forthcoming with ‘Blanquiroja’. In that year’s Copa America, Peru were eliminated in the group stage without a win (only one point was added). And, the following year, the qualifiers didn’t start well. This prompted severe criticism of ‘Kemo’, who decided to drop the test.

The qualifier against Colombia in Lima ended in a 1-1 draw. Sun light Fed up not only with questions from journalists and fans, but also with the indiscipline of his teammates, he withdrew. “Play for it Peruvian National Team It harms me […] I’ve been playing in Europe for 5 years and been away for eight years and they treat me well. But I come to Peru, that’s the only place they treat me bad, it’s my country, it hurts me.He confessed to his DD.

‘chemo’ He was recently summoned selection For the 2002 qualifiers, he played his last official match on 8 November 2001 in a defeat against Argentina (2–0).

José 'Cemo' del Solar retired from the national team in 1996.  (AFP)
José ‘Cemo’ del Solar retired from the national team in 1996. (AFP)

Claudio Pizarro

In 2006, the Peruvian National Team He played two friendlies against Chile in the so-called “Pacific Cup”. Claudio Pizarro Summoned. However, the Peruvian striker informed his then coach, Franco Navarro, that he would only play one of those games, which did not please Didi, who relegated ‘Bombardier’ ​​to the substitutes’ bench and allowed him alone. Playing 28 minutes in the first match against ‘La Roja’, which ended in a 3-2 loss, where he managed to score in a short time on the pitch.

After that, Pizarro – determined in his position – left for Germany without playing another game against the Chileans and later told the FPF that he would never wear the shirt again. ‘white-red’ Until Navarro’s technical command continued in command.

“A few hours ago I sent a letter to the presidents of the federation saying that I will not play for the team as long as this technical mandate continues. selection. So, I request you not to invite me for the following matches. My decision is final.”He pointed out ‘Bomber’Julio César Uribe returned to calls from the bench the following year.

/ Horace Diaz

Louis Advincula

Recently resigned Louis Advincula. ‘Rayo’ missed one of the penalties in the play-off against Australia a month ago and took responsibility for the dismissal. Peruvian National Team. The grief was so great that ‘Lucchito’ announced that he would no longer play for the national team.

“First of all I apologize to my family and friends for the pain I have caused. I am the only one responsible for this failure, my life is not enough to apologize. I have come this far, I am taking a step towards the national team. I don’t think I have the strength to get up from this, thank you very much to my colleagues for everything and sorry for the small.He revealed the exact answer through his official Instagram.

Since then, Advincula He did not comment on the matter again, but Peruvian fans hope that “Bolt” can overcome this sad episode and reconsider his decision. doors selection They are always open to him.

Doha, 06/13/2022.- Peru's defender Luis Advincula misses a penalty in the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifier shootout against Australia today at the Al Rayyan Stadium in Qatar Municipality.  .  EFE/Alberto Esteves.
Doha, 06/13/2022.- Peru’s defender Luis Advincula misses a penalty in the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifier shootout against Australia today at the Al Rayyan Stadium in Qatar Municipality. . EFE/Alberto Esteves.
/ Alberto Esteves
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