“I have spent my whole life here and I am not ready

. (Photo by Pau BARRENA / AFP) (Photo by Pau Barena / AFP via Getty Images)

Such serious relationships leave signs. In joy and sorrow. Lionel Messi She kept crying in the arena Barcelona Talk to a Catalan fan who has not yet finished digesting his game. It was there that President John Laboradi confirmed three days ago that no one wanted to be heard. The cycle is over. There is nothing else to do.

But the word of the protagonist is missing, nothing less. As negotiations to order logistics to transfer to PSG intensify in France, the creator of this global uprising is still in Spain. His first words explaining what happened: “I don’t know if I can speakR. I was wondering and wondering what I was thinking on this last day. Nothing came out. I have spent my whole life here and I am not ready Last year, when the Barrofox mess broke out, it was. He knew what he had to say, and he was sure. But not this year. I was sure with my family that we were going to continue here, in our home. What we wanted most. It’s always been in front of us, it’s wonderful to be in our home and enjoy the life we ​​enjoy in Barcelona, ​​sports and everyday life ”.

TOPSHOT - Barcelona's Argentine pioneer Lionel Messi cried during a press conference on August 8, 2021 at the Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona.  On 5 August he signed a multi-year contract with Barcelona but instead, after 788 games, the club announced that he was leaving at the age of 34.

(Photo by Pau BARRENA / AFP) (Photo by Pau Barena / AFP via Getty Images)

And continued: “Today I have to say goodbye to this. I have been here my whole life. I came here very young when I was 13. 21 years have passed and I am leaving with my wife and three Catalonians / Argentines, I can not be proud. Everything I did and lived in this city. I am sure I will be back after a few years away. So I promised my kids. I still want to thank my teammates, former teammates, club people who were near us and we didn’t see. I grew up with the values ​​of this club and tried to treat myself with humility and respect. I did the same for everyone. I hope it stays with me except I was lucky to give the club things. I experienced beautiful and bad things, but everything made me grow.

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In a lengthy speech, he explained: “Barcelona made me the person I am todayFrom the first day to the last for this club and this shirt. I am satisfied. I would have liked to say goodbye differently in public and on the field. I never imagined saying goodbye because I never thought about it. But he didn’t want it this way. I wish they were the last to be praised by people for pronouncing my name. I missed them so much in the whole epidemic. I haven’t seen them in a year and a half, and that’s what I like. “

There is your family

Antonella, his wife, and their children, Diego, Medio and Ciro, occupied the front row of the stage and could be seen in the living room. Some players, leaders, photographers and journalists completed the expected press conference audience.

Before the questions could begin, the applause cheered him up again, and again he burst into tears. “It was the hardest moment of my playing career. Undoubtedly. I had some tough, tough moments, many failures. But the next day you went back to training and got revenge. It’s not over yet. This is the end of this club.”

They asked him to remember a special moment in Barcelona, ​​and he noted: “Introduction, the moment it all started, I remember so much.”

He did not elaborate on the reasons for his departure. He did not reaffirm Labord’s words: “He already said. Everything was ready and the league could not do it because of the problem,” Messi explained..

He wanted to stay and the club wanted him to continue. But La Liga’s complicated and rigorous terms regarding respect for salaries and financial fair play make it impossible to accept the new contract.

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Lionel Messi with a Barcelona shirt, a souvenir;  The film already hurts Catalan fans

Lionel Messi with a Barcelona shirt, a souvenir; The film already hurts Catalan fans

Commenting on versions questioning him that nothing else had been done to facilitate its update, he explained: “It is clear to me that I did everything I could to stay afloat. I didn’t want to stay last year and I said the same thing. Now he wanted and could not. “

The future

“We are going to change. We will be fine. It’s a difficult change, but we have to integrate it with my family. Get started,” he said when he first spoke about snatching Barcelona.

When asked if his game sequel would be in Paris Saint-Germain, he commented: “It’s a possibility.” Expand then: “Al DToday I have not arranged anything with anyone. It is true that I received many calls when the report was released. Many clubs were interested.

Meanwhile, French media PSG plans a new press conference with Messi this Monday, but in Paris, he talks about the arrival of the new team. A quick negotiation in the middle of the versions and ensuring a change that no one could have imagined.

Without Barcelona’s present and his presence, he explained: “As LaBorte said, the club has always been more important than the others. People are going to use it. It may be different at first, but it happens in everything. Good players came in, there is a great team. Eventually everything will be fine “

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