Creeping incident in the United States. The liquid nitrogen leak left at least six people dead and ten injured

At least six people were killed and ten others were seriously injured in an accident at Prime Bagh Foods, an agri-food factory in Northeast Hall County, on Thursday, January 28, at 10:00 a.m. (15:00 GMT). Of the American city of Atlanta.

According to officials, everything started with a liquid nitrogen leak, the reason for which is shrouded in mystery at the moment. Three of the victims Was rushed to the hospital Is in critical condition.

Law enforcement has begun an investigation and the exact circumstances of the tragedy must be determined.

Tragedy in America. 6 were killed and 10 were injured

Indicates first information “Six deaths were confirmed at the scene10 more workers were rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

The reason Chemical leakage, Which did not cause the explosion, is unknown at the moment, a police officer from Gainesville, Georgia, said at a news conference.

Students from schools located near the agro-food factory where the unfortunate incident took place were staying in classrooms.

Seven children and two adults were killed in an accident in California

Unfortunately, this is not the only recent serious accident in the United States. Seven children and two adults were killed in a road accident in California on the first day of the year when two cars collided.

The damage was so severe that all nine victims died instantly. As far as the identity of each of them is concerned, in practice, it was announced only after notices were sent to all the relatives.

We have no witnesses other than those who came to the scene of the accident. If anyone knows anything we are looking for help“, Sent by law enforcement officials.

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