Interim Prime Minister meets American officials / signs an agreement for Cernavoda reactors and discusses Constanta-Gdansk railway project

US Ambassador to Romania Adrian Zuckerman met interim Prime Minister Nicholas Coca on Wednesday for a meeting with Kimberly Reid, President of the US Import-Export Bank, and Alicia Duncan, Deputy Secretary of State for Nuclear Policy and International Cooperation. .

The talks were attended by Romanian Deputy Prime Minister Raluca Dorgan and Minister of Economy, Energy and Trade Virgil Popescu.

The agreement between the Romanian government and the US government on cooperation between nuclear and energy projects in Cernavoda and the Romanian civil nuclear sector, which was launched during a visit to the United States, was signed by Economy Minister Virgil Popescu and US Ambassador Adrian Zuckerman. Roman Minister at the beginning of October.

The talks at the Victoria Palace focused on bilateral cooperation in the political, military, energy and economic fields related to the strategic partnership between Romania and the United States, especially the participation of the United States in strategic projects of great importance to Romania. Cheese Initiative (I3M).

Discussions took place on the importance of the priority implementation of the Constanta-Gdansk Railway (2C Railway) project, a transnational project that will have a strategic impact on economic growth, but has implications for ensuring military mobility between North and South. NATO. side. At the same time, Prime Minister Nicolas C. and Neil Sioka indicated the need to implement the Via Corpedia project.

The American side renewed its commitment to a strategic partnership between Romania and the United States, including the role of the American Import and Export Bank in supporting American exports to Romania and implementing projects related to the nuclear power plant in Cernavoda. In this context, the representative of the Ministry of Energy praised the long-term partnership with Romania in the field of energy.

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Kimberly Reid, president of the US Import-Export Bank, visited the Chernivtsi nuclear power plant on Tuesday with Adrian Zuckerman. The visit marked the beginning of the implementation of the agreement that Exim signed with the United States to implement Romania’s strategic nuclear programs.

We remind you that in October, Romania and the United States concluded an intergovernmental agreement to build Units 3 and 4 of the Cernavoda Power Plant, to modernize Unit 1 and to cooperate at various levels in the field of civil nuclear energy in Romania.

In addition to this agreement, there is a memorandum of understanding with Exim USA (the US Export-Import Bank) to provide $ 7 billion to finance the development of nuclear projects, but there are other areas.

A few months ago, the city government ceded the Chinese to CGN to build Reactors 3 and 4 at Cerbano.

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