Coworking gives space to the visual arts

Coworking space that operates in the Edificio Navarro complex, in Rio Preto, since August last year, the Legato CW opens its doors to visual artists from the region. The place takes on a gallery feel through the “Arte no Legato” project, which is curated by visual artist and entrepreneur Newton Malvezzi.

The project consists of holding exhibitions with works by artists from Rio Preto and the region, renewing the Rio-Pretense coworking environment with each new edition. Currently, the space has screens and sculptures by Araguaí García, which will be on display at Legato CW with the exhibition “Bugre” until April 30.

“Initiatives like the Legato CW are important to move the creative economy in Rio Preto. It is a space that constantly receives people and already has an expansion plan. It is a way of giving visibility to the artist and providing opportunities for the sale of his works “, comments Malvezzi, author of a work that is part of Legato CW’s visual identity: the canvas” Numeri di fortuna “, which was part of the exhibition “Esquadros”, in 2017, in honor of Italy.

Malvezzi sees the work as a curator for the first time and says his main inspiration is the writer, translator and curator Patrícia Reis Buzzini, who curated his exhibition “Aesthetics of Sound” last year. “It is my first experience as a curator and Patrícia [Reis Buzzini] is my main reference. We had a great partnership last year. Her work as a curator is different ”, she praises.

Since opening its doors to artists from the region, Legato CW has hosted exhibitions by Malvezzi and the sculptor Thadeu Guerra. “Many other exhibitions are yet to come, and I hope this initiative will inspire other business ventures in Rio Preto,” says the curator.

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Responsible for the management of Legato CW, businesswoman Andréa Navarro points out that coworking in Rio de Janeiro was idealized to also be an artistic space. “In addition to promoting artists from the region, the project makes our environment more attractive and different with each new exhibition.”

The Rio-pretense coworking has 28 individual stations, which are expected to grow to 41 with the expansion underway, as well as three different rooms for work and business meetings.

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