Irva Serano is vaccinated against Covit-19 and sends a hot message in the video

Dova was one of the most important actresses of the 70s and 80s Irma Serrano, Is called “Tiger”, Who has been in practice for many years due to his excellent career, but also because of the controversies created by the immense character and bearing he had in his 87 years of life.

His death is said to have been announced at the end of 2020, but it was his nephew Luis Felipe Garcia, Who denied through social networks that everything was a mistake and a fake news, so the 87-year-old actress was more alive than ever, making everyone happy in one message.

Now, a video has been released on social media in which Irma Serrano explains that she was vaccinated Govit-19 Do not miss the opportunity to get vaccinated against this disease for any reason, because you have to attack it in the background.

That’s why the actress asked her followers to take care of themselves, to maintain the barriers pointed out by Mexican health officials if they don’t need to go out, and to be very careful if they have to go out.

“Thanks” for the vaccine

Irma Serrano posted the video on her official social media account this Wednesday, thanking health officials for giving her the opportunity to apply there. Anti-Govt vaccine It is used in CDMX and other states of the Republic of Mexico.

In a message posted on their social networks, I went with the video with this text: “Today I had the opportunity to get the 1st vaccine against Govt 19. If you have a chance, do it, take care of all of us !! Blessings”, which was covered with a happy smile covered by his mask .

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