“Wind cactus” in “Literary Propositions”

Tunisia – In its monthly appointment, the story club of the Rosary / Abi Al-Qassem Al-Shabi Cultural Space organized the activity “Literary Proposals”. Novelist Masouda Abu Bakr presented her novel “The Cactus Wind”, and the meeting was moderated by the narrator and critic Hayam Ferchichi. A review titled “The cactus wind and the imagination of the cogito.” He demonstrated that the novel “El viento del cactus” is realistic, but its characters are atypical, which makes it question whether it belongs to magical realism or science fiction or miraculous, but it started from possible worlds that are a metaphor for a reality based on a cultural and existential background. From the narrator himself, to later address the rotational construction based on parallelism through parallel characters, but with realistic connections.
Regarding the form of the novel, Al Qasimi explained that it simulates the story as it separates strange characters, including a character that symbolizes the transcendent mind from sensory experiences and physical perception, and a mindless sensual personality, and all of these characters. ideas about reality crystallize. Then, in a second stage, the contradiction turns into harmony.
Mas`udah Abu Bakr indicated that most of his writings arise from burning questions about reality, especially through the distortions that humans have suffered in the post-revolutionary stage with the emergence of bloody reality where the person has separated from his / her mental awareness, but did not neglect his intuitive visions to weave a different reality that restores balance to the body and saves it. Of object and mechanism and fight with the beast that was born in him

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