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With the progress of the Covit-19 vaccine campaign, women are catching up with routine medical checkups that are delayed by infection, and doctors are finding themselves surprised at mammograms.

Many medical professionals and radiologists across the country have detected false red alarms of breast cancer in their patients, who have now been vaccinated with a Govit-19 vaccine, according to an article Los Angeles Time.

Like a sore arm or mild fever, swollen lymph nodes are the immune system’s response to a COVID-19 vaccine; All in all it is a sign that the needle is doing its job.

However, swollen lymph nodes may be of concern to experts who review mammograms for malignant symptoms; Is the result of creating uncertainty among patients.

Radiologists are the first filter on mammograms and usually do not easily worry when looking for signs of cancer. But after the Covit-19 vaccine they began to notice swollen lymph nodes, which they described as “abnormal.”

While doctors try not to worry about patients reporting an “abnormal reading” on their mammograms, there have been increasing calls for additional tests to rule out higher risks.

Prior to infection, Dr. Hannah Mills of UCLA Medical Center found some mammograms vague enough to suggest further examination, but they were rarely involved in swollen lymph nodes.

Now, after the implementation of the Govit-19 vaccines, Mills has made seven calls a day to invite his patients for further tests, in most cases “adenopathy”, unusually enlarged lymph nodes.

Not only did Dr. Milch notice this reaction, but her colleagues also see it in their patients’ mammograms. Los Angeles Time.

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For example, Santa Monica primary care physician Dr. Philip M. Fredsky asks his patients to update their mammograms, but warns them of a call that is more vaccine-related than cancer-related.

Experts explain that 10 to 20 lymph nodes in each armpit near the vaccinated breast and hands may act as alarms when radiologists see signs of inflammation, but it is not always clear if the cause of the infection is vaccine, trauma or cancer.

Radiologists are aware of the association of the latest vaccine with lymph nodes, but the appearance of swollen lymph nodes in many patients was surprising.

“We’ve seen slightly enlarged nodes with previous vaccines, but not yet,” said Dr. Constance Lehmann, head of breast imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

“I like to think this is a good thing: in response to the vaccine, the immune system is doing the job it was designed to do,” Lehman said, noting that this does not indicate a link between the vaccine and breast cancer.

Although it is not clear how long it takes to clear swollen lymph nodes in some women, doctors ask that their mammograms not be delayed anymore; Especially if they felt a lump or pain in the chest, noticed discharge from a nipple or pale skin.

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