Court authorizes House committee to access Trump’s taxes

(CNN) – A federal appeals court on Tuesday approved a request by a House Ways and Means committee to get former President Donald Trump’s tax returns before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The 3-0 miss In the Court of Appeals for the Circuit of the City of Washington, it represents a blow to Trump, who for years has fought in court not to reveal his tax returns to anyone who investigates them. He appointed a trial judge during his presidency Earlier rejected his arguments in this case.

However, Trump could still appeal, so the case is unlikely to be over at this point. The court also said it would not issue a judgment for seven days, which would give the former president time to challenge the decision. Now, this case is separate from the House Select Committee hearing on the January 6 Capitol storm.

The majority opinion, written by Circuit Judge David Centelle, said Ways and Means Commission Chairman Richard Neal’s request for records was within the scope of the investigation. In that regard, the court also rejected Trump’s argument that the claim was motivated by retaliation and held it invalid.

The Case for Trump’s Taxes

Neal requested Trump’s tax returns under a law that allows the commission to look into an individual’s records, a request the Trump administration denied.

An appeals court said Tuesday that Trump, as a former president, failed to prove his case that his tax returns should not be released.

“In this case, requiring information from Trump to inform potential legislation largely relieves the burden on the executive branch because that burden is too light,” wrote Sentelle, a Reagan appointee, in the opinion.

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Judges Karen Henderson, appointed by George HW Bush, and Robert Wilkins, appointed by Obama, also concurred in the decision. Although Henderson wrote, he believes there should be more scrutiny on such a request, which could have implications for the presidency.

The lawsuit stems from a lawsuit Neal filed in 2019 to have the IRS turn over the president’s tax returns under the Trump administration.

The case proceeded at a slow pace and outlasted the Trump presidency. In July last year, the Judicial Commission signaled that it would change its position in the case in favor of obtaining results.

District Judge Trevor McFadden, a Trump appointee, granted the department’s and House’s requests to dismiss the case last December, prompting Trump’s appeal to the Washington City Circuit.

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