Fire at Matanzas: Filmmaker records close-up of massive explosions at fuel depot in Cuba

  • Atahualpa Amerise @atareports
  • BBC News World

image source, AFP


The explosions raised huge columns of fire.

“A friend calls me and says to me: Look on the balcony, there is a black cloud above the fuel tanks.”

“I think they caught fire.”

Cuban audiovisual producer and cameraman Miriel Santana was in her apartment when the fire broke out Friday afternoon in the Matanzas industrial zone, 80 kilometers east of Havana.

video title,

Time-lapse video of the massive eruption of the fire in Matanzas recorded by Cuban audiovisual producer Miriel Santana.

According to Cuban authorities, a deposit containing about 25,000 cubic meters of oil caught fire due to a lightning strike.

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