Countries must legislate on science and technology

Puebla and the states must enact legislation and have a science and technology law: Conahcyt

Puebla and the rest of the states should have laws regarding this Humanities, Science and TechnologyAfter approval Conahsett In the legislative branch, so that coordination between the three levels of government is enhanced, as well as assistance in solving problems and Drive innovation in the region.

This was stated in an interview with Radio Angolo 7. Raymondo Espinosa HernandezHead of the Office’s Legal Affairs Unit National Council for Humanities, Science and Technology (Conahcyt)He added that the aforementioned local regulations must respond to what is stipulated by public law.

He pointed out that it is an obligation on legislators, as there are those who are already working on it, and there are those who have sought advice to integrate it, as in Sonora, Quintana Roo and GuerreroAlthough it has not been approved yet.

It is that, he said, that General Law of Humanities, Science, Technology and Innovation Strengthens coordination with state governments in public policies to ensure the right to science.

He announced that there is already coordination with some state governments, such as: Tlaxcala, Where work is being done on the issue of pollution Atoyak River; Sonora Where they work on a case Lithium. quintana roo, With sargassum. In the city Mexico And in San Luis Potosi The laboratory has just opened, so there is work with local organizations in the field of science and technology.

“They have not yet passed local legislation and they need to do so Official authorizationNow for the first time or to adapt it to the existing framework, so they have one year to do that.

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The law guarantees human rights

In this context, Espinoza Hernandez He commented that the new existing law is different from the law being promoted in the administration Vicente Fox QuezadaThen consider it There must be formatting rules The attributes shall be distributed at the federal and local levels.

Beside Guaranteeing the social and human right to science So that it is no longer viewed as a commodity, but rather a mechanism for solving social problems and technological innovation. In addition to scholarships and National systems for graduate studies and researchers.

Likewise, it highlights the inclusion of the humanities whose subject matter has been forgotten; As well as existence Human vision In creating technology.

He noted that they had two claims of unconstitutionality filed in Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Which was promoted by the opposition parties.

He determined that they were due to procedural issues due to violations of the legislative and substantive process. In the first case they were accused of not respecting democratic deliberation for approval; Second, the armed forces were included in Board of Directors; As well as the alleged omission of scholarships for students.

Regarding the alleged lack of respect for the law, he commented on that If there is discussion among lawmakers and the law has been proposed since 2019; As well as forums with experts in science and technology. Regarding the second case, he explained that only the scientific and theological field of the army would participate.

He ruled out that researchers from private schools would be exposed to discrimination in supportHe also explained that what is required is for the incentives provided by the institutions, as their employees, as for scholarships, the idea is to restore the system because some schools do not adhere to the requirements. Up to them.

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When asked how residents can contribute or participate in solving a social problem, he commented that they should engage with national strategic programs to address these issues.

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