All the winning artists of the Latin Grammy 2023 in Seville

Carole G poses on the red carpet during the 24th Annual Latin Grammy Awards on November 16, 2023 in Seville, Spain. REUTERS/Marcelo del Pozo

This Thursday, Spain’s Quevedo and Argentina’s Bizarrab won the award for Best Urban Song at the 24th edition.Latin Grammy As their famous composers ‘Bzrp Music Sessions, Volume 52’, It has already achieved a record of seven weeks staying at the world number 1 on Spotify.

It was during the call ‘Premier’, It was not televised, especially for technical and specific awards, and opened with a flamenco number performed by the nominees for Best Album in the category. After a while, Edgar Barrera opened the list of winners. Along with the award for Composer of the Year, presented for the first time at the Palace and Exhibitions of Seville (FIBES), the first occasion outside the United States.

Zaira Nara and Lizardo Ponce on the red carpet at the Latin Grammys in Seville. (Helena Marguerite Cortadellas)
  • Edgar Barrera is the winner Best producer of the year.
  • Edgar Barrera won a Latin Grammy Award Best music composer.
  • The dark side of the heart Dante Spinetta won the Latin Grammy Award Best alternative song
  • The prize for best album went to Romeo Santos and Sergio Vargas my way
  • Martinho da Vila has won a Latin Grammy Award Great samba album with Black opera
  • Rafael Valencia has won the Latin Grammy Award Excellent arrangement By Songo Pop
  • The Best pop rock song ever There is Brown eyes It was composed by Luis Jimenez, Lasso and Agustin Zupilaga.
  • for the Latin Grammys Excellent engineering Eric Moreira and Felipe Dichauer had I sing as per my imagination
  • Serotonin Joao Donato received a Latin Grammy Award The best album of Brazilian popular music.
  • GardenerPlanet Hemp won a Latin Grammy to do The best rock and alternative music album in Portuguese
  • Lasso, Luis Jimenez & Mr. A Pete Agustin Jubillaca: Best pop-rock song ever.
  • Andres Cepeda wins Latin Grammy Award Best Traditional Pop Album
  • Juanes won a Latin Grammy Award Best Pop/Rock Album By Daily life.
  • The The best urban description in Portuguese has been dystopia, By Planet Hemp
  • Nathy Pelusso won andLatin Grammy for Best Short Version Video with That is very good
  • Camilo takes over Latin Grammy For the best long video with him First trip of my life
  • Christian Nodal wins Latin Grammy Award Great ranchera/mariachi music album.
  • Latin Grammy Great Latin Jazz Album This is for Chucho Valdés and Paquito D’Rivera
  • He Best Christian Music Album There is What we see Marcos Vidal
  • Luis Fernando Borjas won the Latin Grammy Award Best Contemporary Album By 5:10
  • Apocalyptic Bolero Monsieur Perine won a Latin Grammy Award Best Alternative Music Album
  • Tango surgery The Aster Piazzolla Quintet won the Latin Grammy Award The best tango album.
  • Bizzrap and Quevedo are the winners Great urban song.
  • Shakira and Bizarre are Latin Grammy Award winners Great pop song
  • Do good from now on Julian Alvarez and his Nardino Banda win Latin Grammy Award Best Band Music Album.
  • Juan Trevino wins Latin Grammy Award Best Tejano music album For a start
  • Latin Grammy Award winners Camilo Valencia and Richard Bravo Great instrumental album By Made in Miami.
  • Carlos Vives won a Latin Grammy Award A great cumbia/vallenato album By Escalona has never been recorded like this before.
  • Natalia Lafourgate won the Latin Grammy AwardBest Singer-Songwriter Album By Of all the flowers.
  • Deco Calderon won a Latin Grammy Award Best reggaeton performance with recipe.
  • Carol G and Shakira won the Latin Grammy Award Great urban fusion/interpretation TGQ.
  • Latin Grammy Best packaged design is for Adipanagui From Kayfex.
  • Juan Galliano won a Latin Grammy Award Great rock song with Tiger milk.
  • Danilo and Chapis won a Latin Grammy Award Album of Latin music for children.
  • for the Latin Grammys The best Christian music album in Portuguese This is for Nós by Eli Solares.
  • Vicente García has won a Latin Grammy Award Best Country Album Path to the Sun.
  • Bad Bunny, Eladio Carrion, Xavier Martinez and Bigram Zayas won the Latin Grammy. Rap/Hip Hop song ‘Coco Chanel’.
  • Motolov To win a prize Best Rock Album By Lira only.
  • group Niche & National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia Won a Latin Grammy Award Best salsa album ever Symphonic Niche.
  • Life Omara Portuondoc won a Latin Grammy Award Great traditional tropical album
  • The band Huáscar Barradas won Best Classical Music Album His four-movement symphony for orchestra and chorus by Eduardo Martínez is a deep symphony.
  • Latin Grammy Certaneja music has been Government orders By Marilia Mendonza
  • Best Latin Grammy Flamenco music album with path.
  • Julieta Venegas won the award Best Pop Vocal Album with Your history.
  • Carol G has won a Latin Grammy Award Best urban music album with Tomorrow will be better.
  • Venezuelan singer Joaquina has won the Latin Grammy Award Artist of Revelation.
  • Shakira and Bizarb have won a Latin Grammy Best song of the year.
  • Natalia Lafourgate won the Latin Grammy Award Record of the year with Of all the flowers.
  • Tomorrow will be better Carol G won a Latin Grammy Award Album of the year
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