Eugenio Derbez goes to vote and is criticized online: “We love you, but far from Mexico”

Terbes shared a new video after urging young people to vote (Photo: Instagram)

Eugenio TerpesHe was a famous Mexican actor and comedian subject to criticism on social media after sharing on her social media platforms that she went to vote in her country's elections.

actor He posted a photo on his Instagram account There he is seen smiling and holding his finger in front of the camera. Black or dark ink can be seen on his thumb, indicating that he exercised his right to vote.

He wrote in his photo and publication “To Mexico”Thus showing a strong commitment to his country and election exercises.

Comedian and show creator A closed familyHe has been living in America for many years because of his work and has received many comments from his followers.

Eugenio Terpes. (Instagram)

Many say the actor has not lived in Mexico for years, which is why they consider it “hypocritical” for him to now show such commitment to Mexico's electoral procedures.

You can read many complaints and criticisms in the comments of his photo posted on Instagram, where they confirm that they want him out of Mexico.

“We love you Eugenio, but far from Mexico”, “People who live outside of Mexico shouldn't vote”, “You don't even live in Mexico”, “We already know who you voted for. Not going to win”, “Congratulations on getting back the millionaires backing your films”. ”, “We already know Eugenio”, were some of the comments.

They criticize Terbes for not helping him. (television)

It's been a complicated week for Eugenio Derbez as he has recently been the subject of controversy and criticism.

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Miguel LuisKnown for humor and his career as a reporter, posted a video TikTok There he revealed his current occupation as a supermarket cart driver and matchmaker. In the video, he mentioned that he dedicated himself to this work because there were no job opportunities in other fields.

In the short clip, Miguel Luis can be seen arranging several red carts in a row, ready to be used by customers upon arrival at the store. His video quickly went viral, reaching 1.7 million views, nearly 100 thousand likes and over 2 thousand comments.

Miguel Luis confirms that there is no work. (tiktok)

The release of the video created mixed reactions among social media users. Some expressed willingness to help Miguel Luis, while others questioned the lack of support Eugenio TerpesHe recommends using his collaborators only when he needs them.

The impact of the video on TikTok has highlighted the current work situation of Miguel Luis, who has a past in comedy and television, and is now facing a significant change in his work life.

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