Corruption case in Petrocuador affects ‘de la Torre Prado’ compiler Pablo Celi and former Secretary to the President Jose Augusto Bryans | Economy | News

The case of Raல்l de la Torre Prado came to light in July 2019, when he, a relative of Pablo Celi and Pablo Flores’ adviser, was arrested in Miami with $ 250,000.

This morning Twenty-five properties in Quito and Guayaquil were raided during an organized crime investigation conducted by the prosecutor’s office in the case of Raல்l de la Torre Prado, now a former adviser to Pablo Flores, a former manager of Petrocuador and a relative of the Comptroller General. s), Pablo Celi. Raவுl de la Torre Prado was arrested in July 2019 at a Miami airport with $ 250,000. After learning about this problem, both Pablo Celi and Pablo Flores distanced themselves. As for Celi, he said he had a long-distance relationship and currently has no direct relationship. In the case of Petrograd, it was pointed out that de la Torre was no longer an officer of a company, but on the same day he was arrested he was known to have resigned.

Rowlin’s case De la Torre Prado is one of five cases prosecuted by US justice Among them were Energy Minister Rene Artis and E.P. In the middle of the correspondence, Petrocuador’s manager Gonzalo Maldonado provided details about corruption cases in the oil company.

According to Petrocuador, the process is an investigation into the crime of money laundering, which was previously carried out by Luis Augusto Rosero Mundes in the Office of Anti-Money Laundering No. 1; However, the process was referred to the Attorney General for jurisdiction of National Court No.3.

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Minister Rene Artis mentioned in his letter in November 2019 Petrocuador official Ra பிராl de la Torre Prado pleaded guilty before Florida state courts to money laundering. You can read the document that appears in US courts: “Between 2018 and June 2019, the defendant, who later served as an officer in Petrocuador, conspired with other government officials in Petrocuador and Ecuador, as well as with a few individuals in a scheme, and received millions of dollars in bribes in exchange for using his operation. To allow a company to receive and maintain contracts and contract payments from Petroguador ”. Along with de la Torre, Roberto Pereira was also arrested. In his statement, he said he was in close contact with a senior Petrochemical official who oversaw the awarding of contracts and payments to the company.

For his part, Maldonado has pointed out that, with a financial impetus dated August 12, 2019, he has stopped accessing information because he is not considered a victim of petrochemicals. “We were informed that EP Petrocuador was not considered a victim in this process and could not access it for this reason.”

Moldonado reiterated that the process would be confirmed in the United States for the crime of conspiracy to commit money laundering. In this sense, the Office of the Attorney General, an efficient body that defends the interests of the state at the international level, appeared in criminal proceedings through a company called Sky Bottom Box, which in Petrograd indicated that it had withdrawn the claim for victim rights. Corruption conspiracy E.P. Illumination of new information provided by the Federal Attorney’s Office confirming that it has not entered into new agreements with the Petrocuador Company.

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In addition, on November 15, 2019, Mr. Incidents in the United States related to the bribery scheme linking Jose Raல்l de la Torre Prado have been reported to the state attorney general, and international criminal assistance has been sought. It should be noted that to date we have not received any response from the Office of the Attorney General.

The first thing this morning, after hearing the case, the President, Lennon Moreno wrote on his Twitter account: “I was aware of the arrests and raids this morning. As is my custom from the first moment, my respect for the freedom and autonomy of the state functions. ” (I)

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