The plan involves 12 people in federal arrests for PUA fraud

The U.S. Attorney General said Tuesday that the nine arrests filed this morning by federal officials for fraud in the Infectious Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program include a plan involving about 12 people and a total of 9,419,580 thefts. , Stephen Muldro.

According to Muldro, the plan was to misrepresent the Department of Labor in order to obtain PUA benefits.

Check out the press conference:

[AHORA] U.S. Attorney provides details of federal arrests for PUA fraud.

Posted by Puerto Rico Metro Tuesday, April 13, 2021

“Defendants were involved in fraudulent conduct designed to fraudulently fill out many of the Department of Labor’s checks using false social security numbers,” Muldro told a Hello Ray press conference.

“Defendants received unemployment benefits by mail, in the form of checks, knowing that they were not authorized to receive them,” he said.

The Arrested this morning It was filed against nine people. Of these, eight were Millison M.A. Martinez agreed with Medina, who was charged with aggravated identity theft with the social security of others without authorization during the project.

According to an investigation by federal officials, Martinez Medina led the plot with nine people arrested this morning.

Martinez Medina faces up to two years in prison on aggravated identity theft charges, plus 20 years for mail fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud, ten years for stealing government money, five years for misusing a social security number and three years overseeing if convicted.

The rest of those arrested this morning have been identified Louis Cruise Reyes,, Partner of Martinez Medina, who received 64,992; Jonathan Rivera Guterres, Recipient of $ 44,148; Jennifer Hernandez Romero, Who set aside $ 36,222; Mary L. Benades Artis, With $ 32,628; Daniel Colon Diaz, With $ 68,250; Gabriel A. Robles Guzman, With $ 33,030; Denise Sanchez Artis, Con & $ 23,172; Louis A. Flores Dias, Received $ 20,910.

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The other three, on the other hand, are accused of being part of the plot, although they are not associated with the group arrested today.

Two of them Jose Daniel Le Hardy Figueroa, A postal employee, and Christopher Perez Wells. Both of them have allegations of postal fraud and owe the government about Rs 11,388 crore.

Finally, the Federal Attorney’s Office charged the fee Off r. Cruise Santana To fraud. He acted alone and allocated 9 29,970.

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