Blue Cross. Wilmane Exom, Arkahoi player, would have failed

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Wilman Exom, Player Arkahai FC, A set to face tonight Blue Cross On top of that Eighth final round From Concoff Champions League, He fled his torture hotel on Monday night.

Pierre Richard, The leader of the company and traveling with the team, admitted to Mediotempo that the player had escaped because he left without warning and they did not know where he was: “That’s right, he has been on the run since yesterday“, Referring to the leader.

Similarly, that too was learned The missing player told his teammates he was leaving with his cousinHe also gave her his home address to go to.

At this point, the club is trying to contact him before taking action to report a disappearance, which so far has been impossible and the 27-year-old footballer has not yet reported to the club.

It must be remembered Arkahai FC I do not have the financial resources to travel Mexico Meet Blue Cross, So CONCACAF came to his ‘rescue’ Y He gave them a tour so they could be on the Azteca Stadium field on Tuesday.

Series equals

Engine And this Arkahai FC They built Zero goals in Ida’s fight Of the Confederations, so there will be 90 minutes for both clubs today, which defines which club will advance to the quarterfinals of the tournament.

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