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Brazilian referee Anderson Taronco had a clear direction in which he did not seek help from VAR in major plays.

Ecuador’s defeat at Uruguay’s Champions del Chico Stadium ended in three matches, losing third place in the tricolor table due to injury in the second minute of Goston Periro., Separated from Colombia (5th) only by a different goal (five goals against zero for coffee farmers). In addition to the team’s small attacking work Gustavo Albaro But still Defensive degeneration that lost the team to an important point in Montevideo, Arbitral tribunal performance ordered by the Brazilian Anderson Dronko On more than one occasion the audience was left with many doubts.

There were four specific plays in which the judge’s decisions sowed suspicion on behalf of Ecuador. At the post-game press conference, Albaro noted that there were details such as the action of Nighton Nandes against Gonzalo Plato or the fact that Jose Maria played within the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKimines against Michael Estrada. To one place or another. “

It happened after the first 65 minutes of play. In a move to the right, Juventus player Rodrigo Pentancore wiped out Gonzalo Plato with raised sticks, again clear of plays, deserving of a red card for rude play and overuse. Taranco showed him the yellow card. VAR has the function of interfering when a play is red, however, it is not.

In the 71st minute of play, Michael Estrada received the ball in the penalty area and it was dropped by Jose Maria Kimines after it was controlled. The Atletico de Madrid defender took his leg too high and hit the leg of the tricolor striker clearly. For Taronko, the play is normal and the VAR is obvious again due to its absence. That is, the play was not reviewed for possible fines, as stated in the rules.

Michael Estrada’s thigh remaining after the strong entry of Jose Maria Kimenez was not considered a punishment by the referee or the VAR.

In the 75th minute another Uruguayan footballer played on the edge of order. Gonzalo went with the iron against Plato’s right ankle after Nietzsche left Nantes Vencino out of class. The judge decided to show him the yellow card, while at the same time making it clear that scenes from the play should have sent him out. Again the VAR decided not to interfere. At the start of the game, Nantes wiped himself hard on Piero Hinkoff’s foot, to be reprimanded, but they forgave him.

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The last controversial move sparked a goal from Uruguay. The Linesman did not notice the advanced status of Max Gomez (co-editor) and confirmed Vesino’s bid to win Pedro Artis’ opposition. However, in this case the VAR reviewed the play and warned the judge of a clear improvement; Since then, the goal marker has not been raised.

Over the next three days, Ecuador will face Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia, playing in October. (D)

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