IACHR and UN call on Nicaragua to end opposition leaders’ arbitrary blockade

Vice President of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo with her husband, President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega (Photo: EFE)

The United States Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Central America and the Dominican Republic. Nicaragua Stop the arrests “Spontaneous e Illegal“From the enemy, then Thirty-six people have been arrested in the country ahead of next November’s election.

In the dated report Washington And PanamaInternational organizations condemnedCriminalization of persons identified as political enemies in Nicaragua“, In particular The latest order for the arrest, search and indictment of writer and former vice president Sergio Ramres.

Sergio Ramares, author and former vice president of Nicaragua (photo: EFE)
Sergio Ramares, author and former vice president of Nicaragua (photo: EFE)

In addition, they “Severe conditions of detentionEnemies, as they promise, are subjected, especially women Fixed question, Isolation Or exposure to artificial light 24 hours.

They also warned of arrests Less food And they don’t Medical care Or they don’t get it Water.

They are among those detained in Nicaragua Seven leaders have expressed a desire to run for president In the November elections, the country’s ruler, Daniel OrtegaSeeks new selection.

Leaders Social movements, journalists and women human rights defendersAccording to the report.

Agencies in most cases “The government has not officially confirmed the whereabouts of the prisonersIt also prevents them from communicating with their relatives for more than 80 days, and access the lawyer of their choice. “

In that context, they were rejected “Misuse of criminal charges” Against the protesters, they are said to be facing serious crimes such as money laundering and are said to be involved in the implementation of the co-operative fund. Or a conspiracy to undermine national unity.

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They warned of charges. “They do not respect due process guarantees or the right to a fair trial“Given in many cases”In private and secret preliminary hearings, in facilities other than the courts of law, early in the morning“And often without legal representatives.

These organizations called on the authorities responsible for ensuring proper treatment and access to persons in their custody. As well as respecting the proper process and ensuring adequate security.

(With information from EFE)

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