Consul William Swani – US Embassy will launch all embassy services by early 2022

William Swani, Consul General of the United States to the Dominican Republic, has promised that services for applying for a travel visa to the United States will be available by early 2022.

“Initially we had to close almost all operations except emergency operations. Gradually we are restoring all services. By this time we are almost one hundred percent open. We hope we can do that, except that we have not achieved personal interviews for travel visas. Beginning in 2022.” Sweeney said.

He recalled that traders enter the United States temporarily with a B-1 visa, while those entering temporarily for pleasure need a B-2 visa, but you should definitely if that person is going to get paid or stay longer. Apply for another type of visa, so he suggested visiting the embassy’s web portal in the Dominican Republic so they can get detailed information on all the processes.

He pointed out that the Immigrant Visa Division has resumed its operations in a limited manner and the only service currently on hold is B-1 and B-2 services, despite delays in issuing certain types of visas. They need a personal interview

Anyway, last October we implemented 3,000 immigrant visas even though we were still in Govt status, and we will continue to work to overcome the delays as many are waiting and the visa application process is underway. It’s never stopped, and that’s why the delays continue to grow, “Sweeney said in an interview with Dominican journalist Lorraine Solano.

William Sweeney added that the Dominican Republic ranks second in the world in terms of immigrant visas because only in Mexico does it issue more visas than the Dominican Republic: “This is an impressive number, 60,000 a year, a large sum”.

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To date, the US Embassy in the country has been providing 1,500 updates per week, adding 6,000 each month: “We have expanded the criteria to facilitate visas and facilitate performance. We know that due to our service, due to delays, we will not be able to provide the service we want to provide, ”he said.

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