Connie announces ‘unity’ of aboriginal movement, which will renew the presidency in May, extended in the image of Jaime Vargas | Politics | News

This Wednesday the regional bodies of the social organization will be able to discuss internal differences within the framework of the presidential election.

The first three days of May, the Federation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (Konai) It plans to convene its national convention to renew the leadership of the governing body Jaime Vargas, Extended in his functions.

The decision was made on the night of March 10 after an extended group of indigenous peoples held in the community of Kochambamba, located in Guaranda (Bolivar).

At the end of a meeting attended by hundreds of tribal leaders, Vargas highlighted “unity” It was confirmed that one of the resolutions was to convene a national conference in Cotobaxi on May 1, 2 and 3.

Connolly established its expanded congregation amid tensions

There he is expected to elect a new executive committee of the social movement to be carried out in September 2020, but due to the Govt-19 epidemic it was suspended and Vargas lasted the presidency.

At the same Congress, its political arm is scheduled to set a date for the renewal of the movement’s mandate Pachakudik (PK), Currently leads Marlon Shanti.

Regarding the controversial subjective appeal of the presidential candidate P.K., Yaku Perez, Provided Controversial Election Tribunal (DCE) Against the results of the February 7 election number National Election Council (CNE), Demands that the domestic leadership make the demand effectively and that the elections be open to reject possible electoral fraud.

Jaime Vargas explained that this requirement would be made, but in accordance with the law. However, they did not rule out mobilizing before the polls opened to review the 28,000 daily sheets, in which Perez condemned the “electoral fraud” against him.

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Connaught leader Jaime Vargas says the so-called “fight with flowers and white doves” by Yanu Perez is “not effective”

The meeting was attended by regional leaders Carlos Sukushai, From ஈக்குருநாரி; Jr. Aquil, of Conais; And Marlon Vargas, de la Confenia, They form the structure of the gonad.

Also attended Leonidas Isa, President of the Indigenous and Farmers Movement (MICC) of Cotobaxi, He noted that the meeting confirmed the “unity” of the Indigenous movement.

“There is a process of clarifying the actions of every colleague. A section of the Konai movement has been reached,” he noted. (I)

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