How the Temporary Protection Act works, which benefits more than 300,000 Venezuelan people in the United States

Pictured are Venezuelan citizens in Doral Central Park in Doral, Miami-Tate, Florida (USA). EFE / Giorgio Vieira / Archive

President Joe Biden has fulfilled his election promise by issuing a temporary protection law (TPS) for 18 months to Venezuelans in the United States this Monday., Which will allow more than 300,000 of them to emigrate and be able to live and work legally in the country.

The move officially came into effect on Tuesday, when it was published in the Federal Register, the government’s official gazette for the dissemination of laws, regulations and public notices.

As for its release, Interested Venezuelan people will have 180 days to benefit from this program.

Below is all the necessary information about the TPS that will benefit the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who fled their country as a result of the Savista dictatorship.

What is DPS?

TPS stands for Temporary Protected Status or Spanish Temporary Protected Status. The immigration program was created in 1990, with the United States granting extraordinary permits to immigrants from countries affected by militant conflicts, natural disasters, epidemics, or other conditions.. As Alejandro Myorgas, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, said: “Venezuela’s current living conditions are destabilizing a country, unable to protect its own citizens.”

Who benefits from this?

Until March 8, 2021, only Venezuelan people already in the United States can benefit.

How does the process work?

On March 9, the registration period opened, ending on September 5, 2021. Person D.P.S.. Costs for children under the age of 14 range from $ 50 to $ 545. Security has been extended until September 9, 2022.

Venezuelan citizens today take part in a referendum ballot promoted by Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Quide, from Doral Central Park, Doral, Miami-Date, Florida (USA)
Venezuelan citizens today take part in a popular consultation vote promoted by Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guide, from Doral Central Park, Doral, Miami-Tate, Florida (USA). EFE / Giorgio Vieira

What are the benefits of DBS?

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If approved, The person cannot be deported or deported from the United States and receives employment recognition for a specified period. Each family member must be eligible and apply independently to receive DPS benefits. It also allows travel authorization to the place of need. Once issued, the beneficiary can apply for a Social Security number.

How is DEP different from DPS?

Deferred Enforcement Departure (DET) is a deportation ban issued by the Executive Order of January 19, 2019. Also employment accreditation is only valid until July 20, 2022, which is shorter than DPS. Furthermore, the DET is a presidential decree, instead of, TPS has a broad legal basis, which is protected by law and extends the rights of the user.

What documents are required by the applicant?

Documents proving identity and nationality (such as birth certificate, copy of passport, driving license or state identity card)

Evidence to prove continuity in the United States as of the date of establishment. (Tax records, leases, bank statements, insurance policies, bills, medical records, school records, etc.)

Documents proving that you have never been arrested, charged or convicted.

Previous immigration application documents, notices, records and supporting documents submitted or received by any U.S. government agency.

Four passport size photos on white background.

Official information about DBS

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