CONICET participated in the exhibition Mendociencia 2023: Window on Science

The National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) participated in the third edition of Mendociencia, an interactive exhibition of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the National University of Cuyo (UNCUYO). The National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA), the country’s Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, and the municipality of Maipu, among others, also participated.

In the CONICET space, the scientific and technological progress of the organization, and the different forms of its impact on the daily life of every citizen, were made known. The goal revolved around stimulating scientific and technological careers among young people and encouraging their interest through entertainment experiences.

Lucas Ruiz, CONICET researcher at the Argentine Institute of Nivea, Glaciology and Environmental Sciences (IANIGLA, CONICET-MENDOZA-UNCUYO), highlighted the importance of scientific publishing: “It is a door to the scientific world that allows many actors to know what it means.” It is what we do. CONICET and international organizations have taken a real dimension to how important it is to communicate what we do, not only when there are discoveries, but also the daily work of scientists and scientific and technological organizations, so that other social actors know and understand the work and potential that the scientific and technological system has to help them meet their needs. Or solve specific problems. He concluded: “I am happy that CONICET is participating in an event in Mendoza to showcase and share what is done in the field of science in the country and in the region, and this brings young people who have this curiosity to devote themselves to research closer to this world in a very interesting way where you can participate, discuss and chat.”

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This year’s exhibition had the slogan “Women in Science,” and some of its contents were linked to this theme. It also says, “Mujeres in the world and the technology”, a virtual music of CONICET Itinerante that one can see the mujeres in the scientific environment and motivate the new generations to conocer the cerca and dedicarse, in a futuro. scientific reseach.

The following activities were carried out by the Exhibitions Team of the Directorate for Institutional Relations (DRI) of CONICET:

Future scientists

The goal of the space was for teenagers and young adults to learn how scientists work through interactive modules that allow them to experience CONICET’s main areas: exact and natural sciences, social and human sciences, agricultural sciences, engineering and materials, biological and health. Sciences.

CONICET Virtual Exhibition “Women in Science and Technology”

The room offers a 3D experience with interactive links and a first-person tour of the different rooms. A virtual learning space created to generate exchanges that, through the vision, days and motivations of researchers, encourage the scientific profession and provide the tools to break down gender-related constraints.

360 degree space: as if you were there

An immersive experience through virtual reality headsets that bring us parts of interviews and field work with researchers in 360 degrees.

Conversations with researchers

The aim of this space of conversations open to the public was for Rosario residents to be able to get closer to the work of researchers in the region to encourage scientific publishing in the territory and for young people to see and feel the life of the city firsthand. Scientists.

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