Laura Bozo lives an embarrassing moment on the show, but wins applause from the audience

Laura Bozo

Mexico City, October 8 (El Universal).- Laura Bozo went viral on social networks with an incident caused by glue on her eyelids. The Peruvian host couldn’t hold back her laughter and her reaction sparked outrage among her fans.

The TV presenter visited Spain, specifically to participate in the reality show “Big Brother VIP”. With every telecast she has won the affection of fans who have voted her to stay on the show.

It was reported by the producer during one of the last-minute elimination rounds. And Bosso was emotional knowing she would be going on the show, but she didn’t expect her makeup to cause her an embarrassing moment.

Laura Bosso fell to the floor when she learned that she was one of the contestants saved from “Big Brother VIP”. The Peruvian woman cried with emotion, but immediately heard, “My eyes are stuck together.”

Laughing, the famous “Miss Laura” showed the audience that the glue from her eyelids had moved her eyelids so that she could not see clearly. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he said to those on the recording set.

Laura Bosso’s make-up mishap caused laughter among the production team and the audience, so it quickly went viral.

What is “Big Brother VIP” all about?

The host has been in Spain for a few weeks, as she is one of the Latin women invited to compete in the “Big Brother VIP” competition, which maintains the traditional “Big Brother” format.

In this program, contestants are isolated in a house and live together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Watch viewers interact inside and choose their favorites to save weekly.

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Previously, Laura Bozo was already in the show “La Casa de los Famosos 2” produced by Telemundo. Later, the format came to its first edition in Mexico, where Wendy Guevara won.

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