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Colombian Luis Diaz’s poor goal in the match between Liverpool and Tottenham has created all kinds of controversy in England. VAR’s fault is due to referee error. For this reason, the Premier League has taken new measures to avoid this type of failure.

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The Premier League College of Referees (PGMOL) is responsible for monitoring and supervising the work of referees, Actions were taken to prevent ‘human error’ from recurring. It cost ‘Lucho’ Díaz a goal and implemented certain protocols in the exchange of information between the VAR and on-field referees.

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Henceforth, in the Premier League, The person in charge of the VAR, together with his assistants, must review the play in question before informing the referee of their decision.

TV analyzes the disallowed goal against Luis Diaz.

The VAR must now confirm the outcome of the VAR verification process with the VAR assistant before confirming the final decision with the on-field referees.

Newspaper Athletic The specified details of the new protocol: “The VAR must confirm the outcome of the VAR verification process with the VAR assistant before confirming the final decision with the referees on the field. The new protocol was announced when Tottenham’s VAR audio was released. The match against Liverpool on Tuesday was implemented immediately, starting with the weekend’s Premier League fixtures.”

In addition, PGMOL and the Premier League commit to all teams continuing to release audios of VAR and referees so that they can be interpreted in the programme. ‘Match Officials: Mic Up’.

Howard Webb will be joined by former England striker Michael Owen to explain the refereeing decisions “Recent matches using unreleased audio between on-field referees and VAR teams,” the aforementioned media outlet explained.

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Through this protocol, the College of Referees strives to avoid glaring errors in Premier League matches and minimizes human error.

Finally, The FA and PGMOL will closely monitor the international travel of referees A runner in England. It should be remembered that Darren England and Dan Cook were responsible for the VAR in the match between Liverpool and Tottenham. They had returned a few hours ago from a long trip from the United Arab Emirates. There they ran a local league football game.


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