Chucky Lozano and Linz stand alone among Mexico’s backers against Iceland

Harving Lozano and Diego Linz stand alone in Mexican squad for victory over Iceland

The Choice of Mexico He won one of his only production matches for the Confederations League, which he won 2-1. Iceland, They knew how to struggle in a match, but were able to define with the national team heavyweights.

We present to you the 1×1 del Tri with a win in support of Gerardo Martino’s team.


Alfredo Talavera

The national goalkeeper responded well when asked. On target Iceland Touching the ball is unlikely to interfere Edson Alvarez This took him by surprise.

Carlos Chalcedo Placeholder Image

The defender simply agreed. He got the Mexican team in trouble in a game in the first half, but then rebuilt the road and got the defense. In the second part he did not get into trouble.

Hector Moreno

The defense captain did not slow down due to the little activity he had in a few years, but it hit him with his contribution to the offense through the passing game, where he was close to scoring.

Jesus Gallardo

He doesn’t have much importance on the pitch. Despite making significant movements without the ball while looking for some action on the left, the rotation of the ball tilted to the right and for several moments it went unnoticed.

Andrew saved

Captain del Tri is a friendly country Wool And Charlie Rodriguez. He tried to control the rhythm of the ball and tried to create damage with his intermittent shots, which crossed the goal.

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Diego Lines

This is one of the highlights of its 80 minute activities. He started as a left-hander, but as the game progressed he became an obstacle, where he tried to make a difference, was a participant, and in the second half he got an assist for the part dive. The fans praised him.

Uriel Antuna

He was the best player Mexican team In the first half. He exploded his pace and dominated to the right. He had some chances to cause damage, but unfortunately the ball did not go towards the goal.

Hector Herrera

He entered 63, immediately looking for grief on the right, and became its ally Diego Lines Through walls and triangles. Help reached Lozano Give victory to Mexico.

Comes around Lozano

His talent and quality have been noticed since he entered and he has given not only talent but also strength to the national team. Gerardo Martino’s first goal from his feet was born.

Not allowed

George Sanchez

The American player was firm on the defensive side, but it was not when he tried to create danger on the field where he sometimes became a winger. He didn’t even reach a center more than his teammates.

Edson Alvarez

When the Mexican team had to defend, the Ajax player went down to the last row and joined the third center pack. His only mistake was on the opponent’s goal because he changed direction and sent the ball into his own net as he tried to dismiss the ball. He showed hope of coming out with a controlled ball, but missed when trying to make some long game changes.

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Carlos Rodriguez

The young Mexican tried to put the weight in the center of the field controlling the ball and distributed it. His participation in the first half was sensible, but in development he tried to create damage through two medium distance shots that did not reach the goal.

Gerardo Artica

He was a normal performer and far from stellar. Having played for half an hour, he failed to show why he shone in Belgium, and in the clear play he had in the area, he decided badly when he began to search for a center.

Henry Martin

He had some chances in the first half. He had to move out of his zone to serve as a post for Uriel Antuna touching the ball. He weighed in as a forward centerpiece and failed to fill Raul Jimenez’s place.

Not rated

Nestor Arajo

Keep the ball up and down on your feet without complicating matters. Zelda had sensible participation after entering through footballer Charlie Rodriguez.

‘Saga’ Rodriguez

Due to his short time in the field N / A.

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