Anthony Blingen reaffirms US-US-Colombian relationship essential

As “absolutely essential”. Secretary of State Anthony Blingen described: US relations with Colombia After receiving Colombian Vice President Marta Lucia Ramரres in his office.

“I am delighted that the Vice President is with us. The partnership between the United States and Colombia is absolutely essential. We are working together on a number of issues and in a variety of ways.

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Ramres was the first leader of the region to meet with Blingen in person since taking office two and a half months ago. The Vice President arrived in the capital on Monday and his meeting with the Secretary of State was the highest meeting of the entire visit.

Regarding the appointment, Rameres said it was very effective and they spoke with national realism and transparency. Ways the U.S. can help Colombia To confirm this time and region.

“He expressed uncontrollable and vocal support for Colombia. I am very pleased with this meeting,” the vice president said.

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US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen and Colombia Vice President Marta Lucia Ramares.


Embassy of Colombia in the United States

According to Ramaras, they discussed Covit-19 vaccines And the request of the United States to lend or donate to a group of them as soon as possible.

Now, according to the Secretary of State, although the answer is positive, he hopes that Washington will give the country a hand in this matter, a specific amount or the time they will be sent has not yet been specified.

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He reiterated that the US Department of Health would soon send a mission to the country Assess the spread of the virus in the country and provide assistance.

By the end, Rameres is preparing for a new trip to the United States, in which he said he will accompany Colombian businessmen.

The State Department described the meeting between officials and reiterated its concern over the loss of human lives and the right of civilians to protest peacefully in the wake of the strike.

Blinkan “expressed concern and condolences Casualties during recent struggles in Colombia He reiterated the questionable right of citizens to protest peacefully, “said State Department spokesman Netflix in a statement.

Five days later in the US capital, the Vice President embarked on his visit, underscoring his return to the country in the hope that both executives and members of Congress would be ready to further strengthen bilateral relations. Commitment to protecting human rights. H. And investigate cases of possible violations in the context of the strike.

Especially in an important field of the Democrats, although Rameres has not yet clarified all lingering doubts, his journey – and the parallel visit by a businessman – has helped him show another side of unemployment and its consequences. His journey was dominated by excessive complaints from the general army.

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