Photos: Outrage on social networks for the label “welcome” in Santa Ana

The tweeting community has a serious spell at the gates of the heroic city as a great sign recorded with photos and videos. Internet users demanded “more books and less weapons” to educate people.

Hundreds of users on Monday night began distributing photos from one of the city’s gates of Santa Ana, the department head of the same name. In the photo object you can see a large glowing sign with the phrase “Welcome to Santa Ana”.

“Can someone from #santaana please confirm the authenticity of this image? I still can’t believe it,” one tweeter wrote. Dozens of responses expressing surprise, anger and shame immediately began to pour in. “I refuse to believe it !!! I can not confirm this yet, but I have to say that not all of us have bad spelling”, another user replied.

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Within minutes, more tweets began to appear confirming the authenticity of the label. Images from different angles attest to the fact that the label is placed despite the significant spelling. “Barrada in a row: the creator of art; Who recognized it; The creator of the lyrics for this phrase. “

Users of the Blue Bird social network were outraged by what happened and blamed the municipality for putting up such a label. “Every mistake governments make, central or local, pays the people. Every mistake has a cost to the people.

Some errors are so serious, that is, having all the power in the hands of the least, that error is going to pay off, ”another user on Twitter stressed.

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At 8:52 pm, a video was released showing a group of men uninstalling the word “welcome”. Thanks to those tweets early that Monday and the pressure on social networks, the cyan-painted traffic signs in the La Libertad department’s Zaragoza municipality were removed.

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At 9:24 pm, Santa Ana Meyer’s Twitter account posted a tweet. “I would like to inform you that this sign was not placed by the municipality at the entrance to Santa Ana. It’s very unfortunate that the municipality has to clarify this unfortunate situation. “

FedEx returned to his Facebook account this Tuesday morning to clarify what happened. “We refer to the situation created by the decoration and lighting of the Monsignor Oscar Arnulpo Romero ring in Santa Ana. We regret what happened and our supplier is responsible for not sending or informing us at the time of illumination. Letters, for approval yesterday,” the company announced.

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“An appropriate correction was made overnight, citing a painful typographical error. In this sense, we apologize to the entire Santana population and municipal authorities for the inconvenience. As a company, we regret the expulsion of Retondel’s decoration and lighting, and our sole purpose is to provide support and color for these dates, even in challenging times. ”

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