China ignored Taiwan's demands and warned it not to interfere in intercepting fishing boats.

China ignores Taiwan's demands, warns not to interfere with fishing boat patrols (REUTERS)

China warned this Wednesday Taiwan Last Tuesday night's arrest should not be interfered with Fishing boat near the Kinmen Archipelago, ignoring the demands of the island authorities Liberation of the crew. Liu Dejun, a spokesman for the Beijing Coast Guard, confirmed the complaints against him, declined to speak to the opposing party and declined to elaborate on what the next steps in the case would be.

On Tuesday night, the Tachinman 88 The two Chinese vessels were intercepted while fishing in the national waters, about 20 kilometers off the Chinese cities of Xiamen and Guangzhou – close to the Taiwanese-controlled archipelago. Considering the presence of foreign vessels, Taipei sent three more vessels to assist the fishing vessel, but they were intercepted and prevented from operating.

As he Captain as a crew of five -They are all Taiwanese and Indonesian Arrest Transported to Fujian Province in mainland China.

According to Beijing, Duchinman was detained under 88 Illegal fishing is suspected After the alleged violation of the ban Enter a Chinese Restricted Zone And, in turn, for Use finer nets than allowed By national law, it can cause “damage to marine resources and the environment”. However, these waters are usually navigated by Taiwanese fishermen.

China accuses it of fishing in restricted waters and using finer nets than allowed, damaging the marine ecosystem (REUTERS)

The Taipei Coast Guard dismissed the allegations and assured them they were lies intended to increase tensions between the parties. Xi Jinping By Take control of your territoryHe considers it a “rebellious province”.

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After the event, from the President's office, William Loy, they demanded that their colleagues and the ship be returned, and that their complaints not be investigated. “First, Please provide an explanation and in the second place, To free the ship and its crewSpokesman Hsieh Ching-chin said.

However, Beijing has refused to respond to these demands.

This episode occurred amid fresh disagreements between the parties, which later escalated Presidential Inauguration of Taipei -It rejects merging with the continent-, as well An endorsement New law China has allowed pro-independence islanders to be executed.

Taiwan has warned its citizens not to travel to China as much as possible after a new law that includes tougher penalties amid fresh clashes with Xi Jinping's regime (REUTERS).

In response, Taiwan asked its citizens not to travel to the mainland, Hong Kong and Macau unless absolutely necessary, and if they did, to travel with caution. For its part, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Chinese Cabinet has accused the order of affecting only a minority of people and “deliberate misunderstanding” in an attempt to sow fear.

In turn, Xi Jinping maintains his frequent maneuvers on the island, for example, between Tuesday and Wednesday A flyover of 20 aircraft of the People's Liberation Army Air Force Beyond the median line of the strait. At other times, military exercises involve the presence of ships and being closer to the country.

(With information from AP and Europa Press)

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