Attention! WhatsApp will not work on more than 30 mobile phones from July

Share itOne of the world's most popular messaging apps has announced an update to its permanent rules that will affect dozens of mobile devices.

From July 1, 2024, 35 devices From recognized brands like Apple, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Motorola and Samsung, No longer compatible with the application. This is because these models cannot receive updates or security patches, which compromises their functionality and security.

Why WhatsApp is not compatible with these devices?

The main reason for this result is the infected devices They do not comply with the latest security measures and have limitations in their functionality To support current WhatsApp requirements.

The company conducts an annual analysis to identify outdated devices and software with low users, based on which, it decides to drop support.

“Every year we analyze which devices and software are the most outdated and have the least number of users,” WhatsApp said in an official statement.

How to know if your device is compatible with WhatsApp?

To check if your device is still compatible with WhatsApp, you need to make sure it meets the following requirements:

* Android: Android 5.0 operating system or higher.
* iPhone: iOS 12 or later.

WhatsApp will notify affected users through the app, reminding them of the need to update their devices before the application stops working.

List of Cell Phones Not Compatible with WhatsApp in July

Below is a list of devices that will no longer be supported starting July 1, 2024:


*Galaxy Ace Plus
*Galaxy Core
*Galaxy Express 2
*Galaxy Grand
*Galaxy Note 3
*Galaxy S3 Mini
*Galaxy S4 Active
*Galaxy S4 Mini
*Galaxy S4 Zoom

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* Moto G
* Moto X


* iPhone 5
* iPhone 6
* iPhone 6s
* iPhone 6S Plus
* iPhone SE


* Ascent B6S
*Climbing G525
* Huawei C199
* Huawei GX1s
* Huawei Y625


*Lenovo 46600
*Lenovo A858D
*Lenovo P70
*Lenovo S890


*Xperia Z1
*Xperia E3


* Optimus 4X HD
* Optimus G
* Optimus G Pro
* Optimus L7

What to do if your cell phone is on WhatsApp's no-go list?

If your device is no longer on the supported list, it's a good idea to upgrade to a newer model that meets the operating system requirements mentioned above. This move will allow you to continue using WhatsApp without any problems and ensure you get all the necessary updates and security patches.

Additionally, WhatsApp will send a notification to affected users before the app stops working on these devices. This notification serves as a reminder to update your devices or buy a new one that supports the latest versions of the operating system.

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