Chicarido goes on to an unbroken record at MLS since 1999

Javier Hernandez Started throughout 2021: The Mexican forward has not scored five goals or more in a season League from 2018-2019; At that time he did 7 with him West Ham In 25 games. Today, in two days with the galaxy, The Chicharito Add five annotations. With these goals, Hernandez equaled one sign and could control another based on the notes this weekend.

After the start of the second season M.L.S. With 5 goals, double in J1 and Three-time series record In J2, Tabato is built Brian Singh As the two players with the highest number of notes in the first two games; Made by then-Houston Dynamo player in 2006.

But it didn’t end there, and now Hernandez is moving to another brand. It has been dated and owned since 1999 Ande Rasov, Who holds the record for most goals scored in the first three games of a season by Chicago Fire? Elias Game Bureau.

In 1999, Ande scored a double in the first three games; Chicharito, If he scores a goal against the Saunders Saunders on Sunday, he will control that mark, but he will set a new record if he scores high.

Having already scored five goals, Hernandez was in balance Joseph Martinez, Singh, Carlos Ruiz and Edson Boodle, who scored the same goal in two games.

Chicharito year?

It seems to be the year Chicharito, It has risen After a complex 2020 with two goals; In fact, the score nose he has at this point has not seen each other in a long time.

Al Miami Inter He doubled on Day 1 of the match New York Red Bull He scored 3 goals, thus adding his third hat-trick to the league because before getting a record in the MLS, he had two Bayer Leverkusen; One against him in 2015 Borussia Monchengladbach Second in 2016 against Mains 05.

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In addition, he records another at the national team level when he did against El Salvador against Mexico in 2011.

The good news For Hernandez they will not culminate because he rocked all three league goals he made in the 2019-2020 season, when he reached one with the Galaxy, one West Ham Another with him Sevilla.

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