Abinader asks the unjust to resign

“Any official who does not comply with the protocol of resignation today,” President Louis Abinader said bluntly, after presenting the ethics and honesty guidelines of the national public procurement system at the National Palace.

“We will not take any other action that does not comply with those protocols, with which we are committed to our policies and the country,” the president explained.

In his inaugural address, he noted the structural changes taking place in the foundations of the state: “I also mention the achievements of one of the most coveted changes by the Dominican people: the effective training of transparency in government action, the end of political corruption and the systematic removal of punishment from our legal and political system and from our society. “

The head of state said that the will of the citizens for change suggests honesty every day and the weight of responsibility they have to carry out their activities.

“My Government will not allow or defend any attack on the principles of efficiency, objectivity, transparency and equality governing the activities of public administration as enshrined in Article 138 of our Constitution,” he declared.

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Justice without sacred cows

President Louis Abinader stressed that the administration of justice in the country “enjoys good health”, recognized autonomy, a broad vision and “does not recognize sacred cows”.

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