Chestour’s former director of coral activity: “If circumstances occur, we do not see them humanly.”

Juan Carlos Torres Robio, the former director of the Special Tourism Protection Force (Chestour), promised this Tuesday that if there were any abuses during his tenure, the Ministry of Public Works would not “find them”, as pointed out in its file on Operation Corel. “

This was revealed by the General during an exclusive interview with CNN aired Report Special with Julia Gospedius after being asked what the journalist thought when he learned that he had made a name for himself in the aforementioned investigation.

Torres Robio said, “Our family is starting to harass us. He said his name was being marooned and something was still being investigated.

He also confirmed on the show that Colonel Rafael Nice de Asa was the only person who could intervene in Chestour for the benefit of the corrupt network that diverted funds from the company.

Nice de Asa, one of the first to be arrested as a result of Operation Coral, served as Chestour’s financial manager.

He also explained that as the director of the aforementioned company, he had only signed on to the personal appointments of top officials such as regional directors.

For those in lower positions, the appointments will be made by Chestur’s pay manager Raul A. Were made by Crohn Jimenez, another person involved in the case, noting that he had only signed the payroll documents.

The Ministry of Public Works confirmed in its investigation that the irregular placement of police and military personnel in the payrolls of the Special Presidential Security Forces (CUSEP) and Cestur, which charged between 20,000 and 70 rupees, was one way the network used to divert money. One thousand pesos a month.

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Of that amount, members of the alleged group charged a percentage in exchange for small gifts.

What does the file say about Torres Robio?

In the Ministry of Public Works file on Operation Coral, the rent of a property produced by the Special Advocate for Anti-Corruption (PEPCA) General Torres Robio was described as “highly suspicious”.

It is an apartment located in El Portillo, Samane province, for which the general pays $ 3,000 a month to name one of the companies investigated, Único Real State.

The agency points to Pastor Rosie Guzman, another defendant in Operation Coral, as one of the companies that managed former President Danilo Medina, the defense chief of the main defendant in the case, Adan Koseros.

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