Chaos in Italy: Tomb collapses on a cliff and coffins fall into the sea

The cemetery is located on the cliff of Kamogli, a coastal town about twenty kilometers from Genoa, and has been affected by landslides.

A section of a cemetery located on a cliff in the Italian region of Liguria (northwest) sank due to a landslide that lost dozens of coffins that ended up at sea, the fire department confirmed today.

According to the same events, no person was involved in these events.

The cemetery is located on the cliff of the coastal municipality of Camogly, about twenty kilometers from Genoa, and has been affected by a landslide and part of it has collapsed with the Columbarium.

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In this way it sank dozens of meters away from the rocks on the shore and numerous coffins ended up in the sea.

A team of firefighters has already begun work to protect the site and recover the graves, which need to be identified.

Those in charge of sounding the alarm are the staff rescuing some of the Pantheons, who attended the collapse of a part of the cemetery and recorded it on their mobile phones.

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Workers describe in records aired by local media how the ground began to vibrate and immediately part of the tomb began to crack before their eyes and sank on the beach.

Kamokli Cemetery is one of the most admired places in the area, as it is located on the Italian Riviera, facing the Ligurian Sea.

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