Depotitlon FC: Suffering in the third category from search to end

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In June 2020, the Depotitlon FC The process and compliance with the requirements to be part of the new began Expansion League, Is one of only two teams to enter this tournament Premier League, or the third division of Mexican football.

Ten months later, there is the painting of Guadalajara Prelude to the final match of the new tournament, In which he competes with 11 teams he already has Promotion Division, Two new owners (Morelia and Cancun) And are supported by two subsidiaries Sivas And Poomas.

What is the key to success?

But how did that meteor shower reach the Depotitlan FC game? Victor Flores Koso, Leader of the Jalisco team, Explained in an interview Mediotempo This is the way the record was made.

“The team was scheduled to search for a spot Incentive alloy, It was strengthened two years ago and today it bears fruit in a semifinal against a competitor Sacadocas Who has all the experience, ”he said in a phone interview

The manager pointed out that that was part of the success they had had this season Experience and relationships They achieved this when they headed the Atlas project. This, in turn, allowed them to bring in players and form a team with football players that they might not be able to hire at another time.

“We had the experience, the experience of the first division; I was the owner of a club, which gave us a lot of players who believed in us and that is what attracted them to participate in this project,” he added.

“Years of relationships have helped us get players, something we can’t achieve at another time.”

The idea of ​​being in the first category

With regard to the illusion of stepping The first section, Not open to teams at this time Extension League, Flores Cosic He noted that they are realistic and although they have not lost hope, they are not currently ready for a high-level flight.

“We can’t deny it, but this time we have to be very realistic. We were not ready for the first section, But this league is good for us to continue to grow with it and with the fans.

“In this sense, we will wait a few years for the possibility of the promotion to be implemented, and at the right time we will first look at what the requirements should be,” he concluded.

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