Charlie Lopez attacks Grandma Monterola

Charlie Lopez Gustavo was invited to co-host ‘First Hand’ with Adolfo Infonde and Addis Dunone, so he had the opportunity to talk about his special involvement in the successful tour. ’90s Pop Tour’ As part of a team Caribaldi.

During the conversation, the singer recalled it Grandma will not be on tour in Monterola because of a contract with her husband and family At the last minute, they talked to Ari Boro, the producer of the tour, about being part of the show, about not holding concerts in liquor stores. “Honestly, you know I’m very honest, she agreed with her husband and children not to work in alcohol bars.

After clarifying that the grandmother agreed to go on tour without any hindrance, Charlie revealed that Monterola’s approach was very unpleasant: “In my view, very personal, like cold, but defensive, believed, bloody, heavy”, Whipped

After commenting harshly, he said: She is my sister, we fought so hard, But this time it was like: ‘We have already matured, we are going to take this with maturity’. You want to do it, we do; You don’t want to, we can’t force people.

The singer highlighted the professionalism of his partner, who did his job despite not being in rehearsal, but clarified Who became the most indifferent: “She is not rude, let it be clear, she greets us very kindly, but she is not like before, when we have known each other for 35 years, we know what we have done in our lives, our lives and we can not read each other letters. Gypsies “.

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Finally, Charlie explained, when Grandma joined the Monterola tour, Paola Toyos had to leave: “We talked to her clearly, and we told her:” If there is an agreement with Grandma, we will humiliate you. “ Arrangements were made and Paula understood that “, Replied.

However he states thus Paula and Augustine will join Arana Garibaldi on a personal tour: “Paola and Augustine will benefit from the tour we’re going to do as a separate group, so we’re going to have eight instead of six.”He finished.

Charlie Lopez reveals that Paula and Augustine have joined Garibaldi on tour

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