Charged with fraud after changing miles before selling a car – Telemundo Miami (51)

Alejandro Quintero Romero, who was arrested by police on July 31, faces charges of organized fraud and mileage tampering, according to an arrest report.

Isabel Martin explains that she “lost 80,000 miles”, which she bought from him some time ago, worth nearly $9,000. The woman then filed a complaint claiming that she had been deceived.

“The car told me it had 102,000 miles and from Auto Checks and Carmax reports it says that when he bought it at auction, he bought it at 181,000 miles,” the victim explains.

The deal, valued at $9,148, was executed in accordance with the alleged victim’s contract of sale and as noted in the police report, at a dealer called Elite Motor Dealership, which was located at 6341 NW and 84 Ave. in Doral.

But according to Ms Martin’s recording, “Business was here, but they left,” he says in a video he recorded for the supposed location, which is now empty.

Martin asserts that if he had bought the car with actual mileage, “that car should have cost about $4,500 and he sold it to me for $8,000, roughly $9,000.”

It appears that Ms. Martin will not be the only victim in this case. On the outskirts of the establishment, another vehicle was parked for a few days with its keys and a note inside, in which another alleged victim claims he paid $17,000 for a vehicle with a false title and warranty.

The authorities recommend calling 305-471-2858 to file any complaint that could be related to the accused, Alejandro Quintero Romero, as they assume there may be more people being defrauded in the same way.

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