Live: Barcelona beat Juventus for the Jon Camper Trophy with a goal from Memphis Debay! – Ten

The end of the first time !! Barcelona fall to Juventus and rest.

45 + 1 ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kick and NATO launch to catch. The Portuguese star was left eager.

45 ‘added one more minute.

44 ‘ Net Shortcut !! A great pass now from Quadrato to Morata, the Spaniard finished first and the Barசாa goalkeeper wore his gloves to avoid falling to his goal.

42 & # 39; At this end of the first half Juventus begin to play more in the Barcelona area.

40 & # 39; Morata Offside.

38 ‘ Double opportunity for youth !! De Likt tried first, then Morata, but Neto responded correctly in both actions.

37 & # 39; Another goal that Barcelona canceled. It was taken by Griezmann to score Pride White’s shot and rebound, which was obviously offside, but the goal did not rise. Very suspicious move.

36 & # 39; The first yellow of the game and it was for Brightwhite.

34 & # 39; Good pressure from Griezmann on the rescue. Forward is trying to convince people.

32 ‘ U ¡UUUUFFFF !! De Ziglio’s Zapatasso is approaching NATO’s target. He did not enter the miracle team.

30 & # 39; Conflict Test with Cristiano and Alex Sandro. Jow side complains of pain.

29 & # 39; Good chance for Demir. Recover on the playing field and finish the goal again, but the goalkeeper is stopped.

26 & # 39; Barcelona are playing well. Take the initiative and get the ball.

24 & # 39; Touching on Bar பார்a, Juventus patiently look for a break between defenses.

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22 ‘ Nearby !! The combination on the left, between Memphis and Alba, jumps down, but finds no partner to finish the ball on the back of the net.

20 & # 39; Barcelona scored by Demir, but Chrisman, who took part in the play, was offside. We continue 1-0.

19 & # 39; Griezmann’s free kick. The Frenchman now knows he will be the owner of the balls parked at the Blackrana club.

17 & # 39; Alex Sandro’s mistake on the Test

15 & # 39; Cristiano Ronaldo’s shot by NATO corner. Joe was encouraged.

12 & # 39; Busquets gets a mistake in the middle of the field and Morada apologizes to him.

10 At this moment the shout of “Messi, Messi”. Coolie fans pay little tribute to Leo, the most important player in the history of Pars.

9 & # 39; De Schiglio misbehaved with Griezmann at the top of the area. Dangerous position for Barசாa to use the stopped ball to their advantage.

8 & # 39; Barசாa’s long-standing possession of the game’s best dominance in the game and on the scoreboard.

7 & # 39; Sergino’s strong shot from the Test went just wide of the goal.

Debbie has already scored three goals in four games since coming to 5 ‘Barcelona. Is too large.

4 & # 39; Memphis DeBay opens the scoring without scores and after firing goalkeeper Chesney. The Catalan team has already won.

3 ‘ Cool OOOOLALA of Barcelona !!

1 ‘Barcelona come out playing quietly. Juventus are only waiting for this first minute.

Launched Party! Barcelona and Juventus play at the Camp Nou for the Jon Camper Trophy … for more pride.

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Last season test for him Barcelona Before the start of Lalika next Sunday. The Juventus Today he will be Bar பார்a’s rival for the John Camber Trophy, where the team’s presentation will take place before the game.

Mercy tells the truth about leaving Barcelona

This is the first match that will officially take place Leo Messi He has already left the Catalan club because even though his contract with his company expired in June, both sides seemed to condemn each other’s understanding, but in the end the ‘renewal’ was not finalized.


Barcelona: நிகர; Dest, Araújo, Piqué, Alba; Sergei Roberto, Busquets, Demir; Debay, Griezmann and Brightwhite.

Juventus: Szczesny; De Sigilio, de Lict, Rugani, Alex Sandro; Ramsay, Pentagon, Quadrato, Bernardeci; Cristiano Ronaldo o Morata.

Table: 1:30 PM from Honduras.

Transmission method: Sky Sports and ESPN.

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