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No one can follow in real time due to the 11 minute communication difference between Mars and Earth.

The nearly seven-month journey from Earth to Mars through diligent space exploration will end this Thursday with a challenging landing attempt on the red planet that no one can follow in real time 11 minute contact difference between the two planets.

The success or failure of the “dangerous landing” will keep the US space agency NASA in suspense during the “seven-minute terror” between the spacecraft’s arrival in the thin Martian atmosphere and the planet’s surface.

With 6 wheels and a length of about 3 meters, this rover will have to defend itself only in those moments of already difficult descent maneuver.The rest were during an 11-minute communication delay with NASA’s Impulse Laboratory (JBL) in California.

The spacecraft, the fifth to reach the Red Planet from NASA, is expected to land this Thursday at 2:30 pm (Ecuador time).

The NASA will begin broadcasting the program “We work diligently together” Shortly before its descent, it begins at 2:30 p.m. You can follow the mission directly on Facebook, Twitter and the NASA website and its channels in Spanish YouTube NASA in Spanish.

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Manfredi, who is in charge of NASA’s diligent small meteorological station, told Efit that the landing on Mars was “too complicated because everything had to be automatic due to a communication delay”.

“It’s dangerous, the vehicle is too heavy, too big, you have to keep it slow,” said the Spanish scientist.

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Seven minutes of terror

Within 7 minutes it is deposited on the surface from 20,000 kilometers per hour, And all that works automatically. You have to control everything on the board, “he said.

“Although many things can go wrong, NASA has a lot of experience,” he assured.

The study lands in the “dangerous” area: Jessero Gorge, which is believed to be the lake bed, is therefore rich in fossil microorganisms.

Alan Chen, chairman of Inquiry, Descent and Landing, told a news conference today that conditions for tomorrow were “favorable” with a few clouds and that diligence was “planned to finish the job” regardless. Can see or hear. (I)

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