Reject Appeal for Review – JCE Approves the Order of the Parties on the Vote and the Distribution of Resources

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) maintains unchanged the order given to political parties on the ballot, depending on the number of voters each received in the last election and the Assembly elections and the distribution of resources.

The decision came after hearing an event co-submitted by the Social Christian Reformer, Dominican Revolutionaries (BRD), Quizcuano Christian Democratic Party, Dominican Green Party (PVT), Liberal Reformer, Civic Reformer, National Unity (Re). ), National Progressive Force (FNP), Institutional Democrats (PDI), Christian Democratic Union (UDC) and Alternative Democrats (MODA).

Those organizations accused administrative processes of being violated, As well as a favorable policy for providing order to the parties.

Regulation 01-2021 is recognized “in all its parts”, establishing that only the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) were appointed as majority parties, leaving the People’s Army as a minority party after reaching 4.54. .

The JCE has filed an appeal against the distribution of the state’s economic contribution to political parties, groups and movements, and the restructuring of electoral votes for the 2024 general election.

According to Resolution 03-2021 released tonight, the Modern Revolutionary (PRM) and Dominican Liberation (PLD) parties are only recognized as two majority parties.

The People’s Party is a minority party, reaching 4.54% in the July 5 congressional and presidential elections, along with two controversial constituencies.

By this criterion, the PRM was left with 44.95% and the PLD with 32.30%, with the JCE appointing both parties by a single majority.

Regarding the distribution of resources, Resolution 02-2021 states that it will remain unchanged, taking into account the sequence of ballots reached by each company.

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In this sense, it establishes that under Act 33-2018 on Political Parties, Groups and Movements, 80% of the resources allocated by the executive to be distributed among political parties will be redistributed equally between these two organizations.

Only those who get more than 5% of the vote will get it. According to the resolution, the Fursa del Pueblo (FP) party, led by Lionel Fernandez, reached only 4.54%, a minority party with 12% of the resources allotted to the BRD, PRSC, Allianzo Pass and Dominicanos Bor El Gambio. The remaining eight percent will reach less than 1% of the 19 parties registered with the JCE.

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