CES 2021: XPG announces new and different gaming products

XPG Genia vehicle Aimed at users looking for an easy-to-carry Ultrabook, but powerful enough for gaming, content creation and productivity. The XENIA Xe is a gaming ultrabook with a 15.6-inch EVO ready screen, sleek design and anodized aluminum chassis. The new device has an 11mm thin profile, weighs 1.65kg and offers 16 hours of battery life on the go. It features the 11th generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 or i7-1165G7 processor, Intel Iris X graphics, 15.6-inch IPS full HD touch display and 1-inch XPG PCIe Gen 4M2 SST. Tuberculosis.

Low concentration and fatigue are part of the game, especially after long sports sessions. To provide an extra level of power, XPG was developed XPG Gaming Gum. The new product is a premiere for XPG, and its ingredients include caffeine for quick energy and enhanced concentration. Chewing gum contains an antioxidant called lutein, which is known to benefit the eyes, including the ability to prevent inflammation and enhance vision. XPG chewing gum is low in fat, protein and has a mint flavor.

XPG PRIME Software ecosystem that connects all XPG devices of a user. With XPG Prime, users can customize their XPG devices with the desired lighting effects and functions. After connecting an XPG PRIME account, users can access their settings on devices or in cloud storage.

XPG Grid It is a training application designed to help players improve their first person shooting (FPS) skills through multiple training and analysis modules. The application allows users to practice different FPS displays and collect different values. Values ​​are used to provide information about suggested settings and tutorials to improve the user game. Along with the social portal for comparisons and additional information, XPG Grid’s ambition is to improve anyone’s gaming skills.

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New, adopting the latest generation PCIe 4.0 standard SSD Comics S70 IOPS offers read / write speeds up to 7400/6400 MB / s and IOPS read / write speeds up to 650/740k. With NVMe 1.4 and Dynamic SLC caching compatibility, the GAMMIX S70 surpasses SATA and PCIe 3.0 SSDs. For reliability and stability, the GAMMIX S70 is equipped with a hollow-cell terrace radiator for increased diffusion surface and efficient cooling. The Comics S70 is already available in several markets.

Karkasa XPG Defender Pro e-ATX Mid-Tower Graphics cards can accommodate up to 380 mm in length and 170 mm in depth with CPU-equipped air conditioners. The modern design of the XPG Defender Pro starts from the outside, allowing the magnetic mesh front panel, ARGB strips to shine from the inside of the case. The XPG Defender Pro housing is designed to provide optimal ventilation with three pre-installed XPG Vento 120 ARGB fans. The XPG Defender Pro comes in white or black.

XPG Starker Air ATX Mid-Tower An industrial design with a portable ATX case for PC, dust filter, vertical VGA installation and ARGB lighting. It incorporates the functional design of the front MESH panel, with two ARGB light strips facing the front and comes in black or white. Full I / O ports are provided for easy connection with various USB components, audio devices and uninterrupted switching between pre-planned lighting effects.

XPG Levant Pro All-in-One Liquid Cooler The processor is an all-in-one liquid coolant that uses Acetech Pump Technology 7th generation solution with PWM control. The cooler has a 2.1-inch color LCD screen on the pump cover that is designed to provide information for performance measurements, such as CPU / GPU temperature, voltage information or other custom content such as text or images. The XPG Levant Pro is powered by Nitecol with three XPG Vento Pro 120 PWM fans, keeping its 360mm radiator cool and optimally capable of operating.

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ADATA DRAM DDR5 Memory Modules It offers a significant increase in speed, higher capacity and lower power consumption and increased bandwidth on CPU cores. The new DTR5 module offers four times the capacity, lower power consumption at 1.1V and speeds of up to 8400 MT / s.

Atota will launch the new card in the second quarter of 2021 SD Express. Using the new SD7.0 and Gen3x1 PCIe specifications, the card offers read / write speeds of up to 880/400 MB / s. With parallel performance to external SSDs and the smaller format of an SD card, the new ADATA SD Express cards offer users a new portable storage option, which is a mini SSD.

ADATA SE900G RGB External SSD It has durable metal housing, good heat dissipation and increased durability. External SSD supports USB 3.2 Gen 2 X2 interface and can read and write speeds up to 2000 MB / s for rapid data transfers.

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