A former top athlete at the forefront of pro-Trump struggles. What is his motivation

A former top NBA player has been at the forefront of pro-Trump demonstrations in the capital, Washington, D.C., featuring world-scaring images of protesters from the Capitol, including a former top athlete.

Frantic Reports recent events in the United States, After the mayor of Washington D.C. announced the siege status. That is no surprise The game was affected by the most severe events in the US capital.

The balance of events in the US capital is tragic, with four protesters dead, 52 arrested and 14 wounded.

David Wood, a former colleague of Michael Jordan, is at the forefront of Capitol fools

This is about David Wood, Michael Jordan’s former colleague at the Chicago Bulls. The 56-year-old former basketball player appeared in front of the Washington Capitol with a large hunting horn in which he threw harshly as protesters occupied one of the most important American landmarks.

David Wood as Golden State Warriors player

David Wood has played for NBA teams such as the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks or Milwaukee Bucks. He also played in Europe, Barcelona, ​​Liberto Livorno, Unicoza Malaga or Murcia.

Wood is a 2.06-meter giant and the most important performance of his career was the bronze medal he won with the American national team at the 1998 World Championships. The former best basketball player was known for his extreme fighting spirit, which earned him the nickname “Gladiator”. , At the same time being considered a “globrotter”, he played for many teams on the American continent and in Europe.

What was David Wood’s motivation?

Wood firmly believes that the presidential election in the United States was rigged and that there were several records with pictures of the demonstrations in which he participated: “I deleted a lot today. I went to the Capitol to pray for President Trump. Many people sent me messages to inform me, so I filmed live because I thought people should see what was going on., Wood said in the right way Brand.

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David Wood and his horn at pro-Trump demonstrations in front of the Capitol
David Wood and his horn at pro-Trump demonstrations in front of the Capitol

David Wood is one hundred percent sure that the election was rigged, although he does not want to admit that he supports former President Donald Trump: “I felt very safe by so many people who love their country. However, I saw ten people The regret that created the problems. People are angry that their votes are not needed because of illegal voting, for which I do not blame them.

Wood is confident that the truth will emerge, and evidence of electoral fraud will emerge before Joe Biden is established.: “Before the next president is sworn in, you will see the fraud unfold, and you will be shocked and surprised that Trump will be president for another four years. I do not support this negative energy and I do not know anyone I saw in Capitol last night. I did not protest there, but pray and see. I love you all “, Wrote David Wood on social networks. After this post, David Wood apologized.

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