Celia Lora full of roses wonders in the bathtub without clothes

Beautiful Mexican model Blue-eyed daughter of one of the greatest rock singers in Spanish Alex Lora, Shared 3 hours ago a new photo in which he no doubt looks completely natural in a bathtub full of rose petals Celia Lora He was able to capture the look of his fans again.

Without any clothing Alex Laura’s beautiful daughter wants to appear in her releases, however due to some Instagram restrictions she can not do it the way she wants because she keeps doing it.

On more than one occasion, he has delighted his fan student with content he usually shares on Instagram and Twitter.

For beautiful playmate Celia Lora We saw her as La Boss Agapulco ShoreIn several episodes, he decided to remove his clothes for no reason, in which some members, such as El Potro, promised that it was already something in common with the model.

A few years ago Celia began to know Lora’s name well, and that changed overall Celebrity, Especially due to the controversies he was involved in, in addition to the covers Play Boy It appeared in it and thus became one of the best sellers, especially since it is constantly promoting it, doing this with different rooms, hotels, clothing brands and other companies.

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In the picture you can see Celia Lora staying at the famous luxury hotel “Raffles Maldives Maratho” located on two private islands in the Indian Ocean, to reach them you have to do it by plane.

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Celia Lora sits inside a white bathtub, half of which is covered with rose petals, some of which stick to her skin so she looks even more glamorous, with the model and playmate on the back so her waist is adorned with some tattoos that we can only see.

If you want to see the photo Click here.

In the publication he decided not to put a description, wrote only a few hashtags referring to the luxury hotel, with almost a million like and over 400 comments. Celia Lora certainly evoked many emotions among her fans.

From what can be seen in the picture, the model has a bathroom with a large space, in fact one of the doors seems to be open because when more light enters it is seen on one side, the shower in front of it is very wide, except for another window, you can not expect much from a luxury hotel.

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With more than 9.5 million followers on her official Instagram account, Celia Lora has been able to increase this number little by little, and to date she has shared more than seven thousand publications on the number of people she has followed since she started that application. , He is one of the celebrities who has a total of 3,530 followers.

Since Alex and Sela Lora’s beautiful daughter in the aforementioned islands have been enjoying this worthy holiday for many days, there is no doubt that being a celebrity will be very rewarding, but at the same time tiring, so they tend to take advantage of the fact that Celi Lora is enjoying a heavenly place, to relax a bit, At the same time they promote the place, as Demi Rose and other Instagram personalities did.

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