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Jesús Chyno Miranda’s health continues to cause great uncertainty among locals and strangers alike. And in the absence of an official voice revealing what his true status is about the pathological condition affecting him, many speculations are constantly being made about it. Even since this week the translator of “My Pretty Girl” has been commenting that she is “serious”. Oddly enough, no relatives came forward to deny the race.

However, Juan Cortes, the artist’s personal trainer, provided some details on the “Gossip no like” show hosted by journalist Javier Syriani, which has not yet been released about the disease affecting Nacho’s former partner. He suffered from a series of peripheral neurological diseases caused by the Cyano Miranda virus, which caused him to lose weight severely.

“Now the disease is incurable, that is, he is not going to recover from the neurological disease. But I can live with her until she is well treated, well treated and well fed, ”said the bodybuilder on the controversial entertainment site aired on YouTube.

His true health is unknown / file

Sino Miranda disappeared from public life several months ago and since then there have been many rumors about the pathology affecting him. According to Cortez, one of the reasons an urban musician stays away from everything is because of the detrimental effects of peripheral neuropathy, which can be caused by any stress on him.

“The last time I saw him was in an apartment where they isolated him, in November last year,” Cortes said. He also said he did not explain himself because they had been friends for many years and the artist’s mother (Alsira Perez) did not allow the two to communicate. Cortes pointed out that he tried to contact her to get information about him because he was worried: “I do not know (why did you lose contact with Alsira?).” I don’t really know. This seems very strange to me. I had a problem, my WhatsApp was hacked, all my communications, usually to be with them directly through WhatsApp, of course most of the contacts were blocked there, ”he concluded.

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