A former member of La Barodia, the German Ortega is on the verge of tears

Ask them to reopen theaters in a hurry! Dear Comedian German Ortega, Dear one Televisa In an interview, he revealed that he was in serious trouble on the verge of tears and that he was scared and deeply in debt. Who gained great popularity for such comedy shows Parody He pointed out that it was necessary to re-open these shows as there were already many people without jobs, with his growth in theater.

German Ortega Reached Fame Next His brother Freddie Ortega With such characters Tomatoes and parsleyBut at present, the recognition they have received from the public is not enough to survive, and the theater, which was one of their main economic inputs, has been shut down as a result of the current epidemic.

Who were a part of Command offer He confessed to Cell El Sol, he is worried and on the verge of tears, he is hard and anxious in debt, he can not say he is hungry, but his financial situation is very complicated.

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German Ortega has called for help not only for himself but also for his colleagues such as Benito Castro. He pointed out that the theater could continue with 30% of its audience; However, this amount is not enough for the general public to pay for a play, I can not get up.

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How am I going to pay for my electricity? What can I do? If I desire, imagine my comrades. I found out that Benito Castro doesn’t have a job, from Ricardo Hill, the actor shared.

Dear Comedian He pointed out that a monologue would probably be possible for the theater, but with different artists, stages and others, a project could not be solved in that situation.

What do we want to do? You do not go out, you present a monologue to solve 30 percent of the tickets. ‘I can’t get up today’ can’t be because 30 percent is not enough to pay here.

The Actor He noted that he could not be said to be bankrupt; However, he was in serious trouble and could not even afford the education of his children, and he showed great fear and concern.

I have to pay tuition fees, they have already canceled my cards (…), I did not tell them I was dying … Hungry, I am scared, I am panicked, I speak on behalf of many colleagues who are not working. Luckily, I make my own productions, but there are actors waiting for a play to be invited, and we work.

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Everyone is depressed, which is so mild because they can end up in a serious illness derived from this crisis.

We are all depressed, we can get sick, I live with tension all day, why, because they talk to me … everything so I can pay and negotiate.

Unfortunately for the thousands of people affected by this situation, Ortega alone, cinemas, theaters, shops and even television faced the onslaught of economic problems caused by Govt-19.

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Some celebrities have even pointed out that they have new jobs due to lack of plans in the entertainment world. The beautiful Violeta Ispel started with her Isfelbergs and expands her business; On the other hand, the beautiful Ana Patricia Rojo sells nutritional supplements. Celebrities are looking for other ways to deal with their expenses to move forward.

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